Are Pet Rats Loud? What Sounds Do They Make

Those who want to pet rats at home have many queries because taking care of them is slightly different from other pets. One of their queries is are pet rats loud? However, the answer depends on some situations or actions; that’s why it varies.

My colleague used to pet rats at home & when she returned home at night, her sleep sometimes got interrupted by the rats’ movement & chirping. Moreover, it became difficult for her to look after them after having a busy schedule; that’s why she gave them up for adoption.

Anyway, let’s find out all of the things about a rat’s sound; no matter what animal species it is, you will get all the answers totheir habits.

What Can Cause Rat Noisein Your Home?

Rats can create noises on their own, but sometimes it’s not only their vocal; that’s why you should point out the causes of rats making noises. The factors that work creating rat noises are:

  1. First of all, rat cages are one of the most common reasons behind rat noises; it’s because therats keep continually moving inside the cells& that will create noise.
  2. Secondly, therats are nocturnal & they increase their activities at night; therefore, they eat & drink pretty often during the night, which makes sounds.
  3. If you keep several mice in a cage together, they may have play & fight inside that may feel like a lot of noise after midnight.
  4. Moreover, giving the rats toys inside the cages can create noises because the super active rats may play with them at night.
  5. Sometimes, the rats may get frightened during an earthquake or storm at night, which makes them scream loudly & that a human can hear; otherwise, the other sounds from a rat’s vocal are more potent than our hearing range & don’t feel like noise.
  6. If you let the rats out of the cage before going to sleep, you may not sleep well at night because these little ones will sneak here & there, possibly making a huge mess &sounds.
  7. Lastly, the rats may do some noises with their incisors that are heard not so often at night; anyway, if they try to drop or cut the upper incisor with the cage’s help, it will make some unpleasant sounds.

Now you know which things are responsible for rats making sounds at night, especially if you keep the rats in your bedroom.

How Can You Prevent Rat Noises While Going to Bed?

It gets challenging to rest or concentrate in work while mice or rodents are making sounds around; therefore, you must follow some steps to prevent rat noises & they are:

  • First of all, you must catch your rats & put them into their pensif they are open before you go to sleep; moreover, you should keep the cages away from the bedroom so that the noises can’t reach you.
  • Secondly, you should feed the rats early so that their routine copes up with yours; this technique will help the nocturnal creatures be like your other pets &prevent any extra sound.
  • Please don’t put the toys near them whenever you are busy with something or about to sleep; thus, you won’t have to hear any sudden & loud noises.
  • Keep some food & water in such containers that don’t make sounds & plastics better than metal containers for avoiding loudness.
  • If it’s possible to put the mice in different cages, you must do it because rats can’t play, mate, or fight while in separate cells. Thus, you can reduce noise from rats or rodents inside your house.

Are Pet Rats Loud or Not?

Pet rats are quite docile & gentle, but they are interactive &playful; therefore, they won’t make irritating noises usually. On the other hand, their characteristics are not as aggressive as wild rodents; therefore, if you be careful & follow the tips to prevent rat noise, you won’t suffer.

Moreover, we cannot hear the vocalization of rats when they communicate because that frequency is not audible for human beings; it is beyond that. Furthermore, the rats are not that gigantic that they will make a loud noise; you have to take care of its health so that it doesn’t get ill.

Sometimes your rat may scream when it’s terrified of anything or facing any respiratory problem; therefore, it’s your duty to check on if the noise is a good or terrible signal.

How to Understand the Rat’s Sound?

It has always been confusion because we can’t understand the signs of a rat &it’s challenging to identify a pet rat’s mood through its sound. If a rat is clucking or chirping, it is definitely in a good mood; when it’s grinding, it is about the rat’s teeth, &hissing sometimes is also acceptable.

On the other hand, squeaking is a bad sign; either the rat is scared, or facing a problem inside. That’s when you should observe your pet more & take it to a vet if necessary; understanding a rat’s sound is not that hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Much Noise Do Rats Make at Night?

The rats don’t keep clucking or screaming all the time; they usually make sounds at either late night or in the early morning.

1.Is It Okay to Keep My Rats in My Bedroom?

No, it’s not okay or suitable to keep your pet rats in your bedroom because it can hamper some personal moments, including resting. Moreover, you will suffer more if you set the rats free from cages.

3.How Can I Reduce Rat’s Movement Noises?

Keeping the rat cages outside your room, putting some soft bedding, &giving the rats a silent water pot can help to reduce a rat’s movement sounds.


If any new rat parent asks you that are pet rats loud, your answer should be technical & let them know that they can control the rat’s little noises. However, don’t compromise your comfort because of having pet rats at home, or you shouldn’t even be discouraged about adopting rats.

I hope you have read the article well & understood well how to maintain mice inside your house while you’re busy or resting.


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