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Top 5 Best Big Cat Climber Review And Buying Guide 2021

Ever felt utterly clueless while entertaining your cat? Well, I have it because it is definitely not an easy job and they are not often pleased with just an evening walk. It feels even more challenging if one has big sized cat such as a British shorthair or ragdoll.

It happens to be an integrated nature of cats to climb on the nearest structure. Pet owners even make funny YouTube videos where their cats have climbed up the window grills and got stuck there. It may seem amusing for the viewers but not for the pet owner and the pet itself.

So, what do you do to keep them entertained while you may be busy with your work? You buy the best big cat climber. There are a lot of cat climbers in the market to make lots of happy wagging tails. But are you choosing the right one from the bunch? 

Let me help you in details in this regard.

Sneak peek about cat climbers

Just like kids need toys to keep them busy, cats do the same. Cat climbers are nothing but a tree like structure that comes with posts and plates to help the cat climb and scratch. It is a great entertainment device for them.

Reviews of the top 5 best Big Cat Climber for the big cats:

Product Image

Product Name

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AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform, Scratching Posts

Go Pet Club Huge 87″ Tall Cat Tree House Climber Furniture with Swing

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

Kittywalk Cozy Cat Climber, Taupe

S-Lifeeling Cat Climbing Toys Tower Structures Cat Climber

It is a bare two-storied cat tree with scratch able poles on each side to hold the sitting trays. The cream-colored play tool mainly targets small to medium-sized cats, but it holds big cats with flying colors. The 21-inch pole adds more to the sturdiness.

It is a light weighted cat tree that is easy to assemble with only four screws. The trays are for climbing and sitting, whereas the poles are for scratching. The jute made poles will prevent your cat from assessing its nails’ sharpness by scratching furniture or other essential equipment around the house.

The entire is soft and plushy in the form, so it puts your cat in a relaxed mode. The elegant color makes it all matching with other furniture. It is not only a fun addition for the cat but also for the house. 

You may never have to think again about getting annoyed by cat fur once you install one of these. It can also be carried around at any part of the house due to its feathery weight. 


  • It has a simple assembly process.
  • It comes with a scratching pole.
  • The trays are soft and plushy.
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes and shapes.


  • In rare cases, the product may come faulty (either with a missing screw or parts).
  • It is not that robust for heavy use.

This one is more for people with multiple cats rather than a single cat. It has three different platforms separated by pressed woods. Each platform has individual condos. There are three large cat condo and two small ones, but all are equally comfortable.

The middle platform has a swing and stair. The stair helps with climbing, so your cat does not have to struggle with jumping from one story to another. The entire structure is soft and plushy due to the presence of faux fur.

This 7-foot-tall giant cat tree will come as unassembled parts in different boxes. There are beige and cream colors so you can choose according to your preference and home color. Although it is not an easy installation process due to the size, the cats can play and sleep here once equipped. It is, indeed, the one of the best cat trees for large cats.

Since it is a multistoried cat climber, it has a significant number of poles as well. They are specified for the cats to scratch the play device rather than furniture or plates. Go Pet Club has come up with this product, so you never have to waste extra energy on the wagging tails ever again.


  • It has cat condos to support sleep.
  • It comes with great installing instructions to make the process easier.
  • Sturdily built material.
  • Amusing for cats of all sizes.


  • The product alone is perfect on its own, but in rare instances, you may receive a faulty
  • product on your first purchase. However, it is always refundable or replaceable.

Another one from AmazonBasics is the big brother of the previous one mentioned from the same brand. It is a multistoried cat tree providing all the unique features AmazonBasics has always been offering to its cat parents. It is one of the large cat trees for that matter.

That includes the faux fur wrapped platform and the single condo it has. The rest of the tree is furnished with multiple furry trays that privilege the cat sitting with great ease. It can also use the condo as its bedroom if not coming down from the climber at night.

To add some sprinkles to the cake, the package comes with extra dangling toys. You can remove and place them according to your choice and the cat’s playtime. It is common for cat owners to be scratched on the hand while trying to play with it. But now, these toys and the scratching posts are going to replace that.

The condo is made of heavy plastic, whereas the platforms are from pressed woods. The entire climber is around 4 feet tall with its lightweight features.


  • Easy to install.
  • Removable cat toys included.
  • Strong poles and condo.
  • It does not break due to heavy jumping.


  • You have to be very careful with the dangling toys so that the cats’ tail does not get entangled with them. 

It is not your regular cat climber equipped with all the poles and condos on an open platform. This one from Kittywalk has made sure that cats may have privacy too. It is made with a five and five model that means there are five stories and five platforms to hold cats.

If you have more than one active cats, this must be the go-to product for you. It can be fit on the back of the door of any size. You simply have to buy extra door hooks (if you do not have it already) to fit the holes on the back of the climber for installing. 

There are two potholes on each platform. One hole facing the outside, which the cat can use as a window to peek out. The other hole is on the inside, at the platform’s body to use for climbing from one platform to another. Your cats can now play in it, sleep in it, and act as a tenant.

The product is so highly appreciated for its strong built that people have used it for more than a decade. It can easily pass for a heavy duty cat tree. You may thank Kittywalk for still making these to satisfy your kitties.


  • It is highly durable.
  • It does not consume extra space.
  • It supports the privacy of the cats.
  • Easy to put on the back of a door.


  • It does not have scratching poles.
  • You may have to buy extra door hooks to install it if your door does not have one already.

Saving up on of the simplest for the last. It is just a tall cat tree that does not come with fancy condos and swings, but it does all the job it promises to do, keeping the cat entertained. The products mentioned beforehand had many extra facilities as such, but this one goes solely for playing purposes.

It is specifically targeted at people who do not want to empty a large space to accommodate a cat climber. It is sleek yet sturdy to hold even the most giant cats around. It comes with four plates and four poles that you can arrange according to your choice and the length of the ceiling.

That means you can also stop at two platforms if your cat is not up to reach the higher plates. There is an incredible instruction guideline that comes with it to guide you step by step. The entire item is covered with soft carpet material to hold cat scratches. They are thick and washable so that they can go a long way.

You can also add some sisal rope on the poles if you are worried about the material’s lifetime. The ropes can be easily removed when worn out. That way, the cat towers may sustain a longer life than expected.


  • Sleek and strong.
  • It is not space consuming.
  • Hassle-free installation process.
  • It can be customized to any preference.


  • It does not have any condos.

Buying guide 

There are several factors to consider before getting the purefect cat climber for the furry creatures. Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye on before going for the best big cat climber:

Material and coverings:

There are many types of materials that may construct the cat climbers you buy. But before getting one, make sure they can withstand cat scratch. Cats are inherently more eager towards scratching and climbing. The best types of coverings to endure are sisal ropes and carpets.

If you have multiple big cats in the house, you might want to choose one that can tolerate heavy jumping and playing. Pressed wood boards are great for that purpose. You can also choose the ones made of cardboard and heavy plastics with thick finishing.

Length and width:

It depends a lot on how much space you are willing to leave for a cat climber. If you have a bigger space, then go for the ones with fancy condos and stairs. But if you are skeptical about space, then buy the cat towers that only add to the length but not width.


Cat climbers have a considerable variation in their built. Here are some of them you may want to know to decide which one to go for:

  • Cat condo: These are the small or big sized house like boxes sitting on the cat climbers. They are covered and accommodated to maintain a cat’s privacy. They generally do not come alone, preferably incorporated with a climber.
  • Cat tower: They do not have condos with them, just a tall and sleek tower-like structure that may go as high as the ceiling.
  • Cat perches: These are the flat platforms you can see in any cat climber.
  • Stability:

    A cat tree has to be stable enough to hold the movement of the cats. Make sure while installing that they do not wobble while using. A stable cat tree will also ensure strength not to fall off and hurt themselves.


    There are a lot of cat trees that come with extra toys such as swings and dangling balls. Although these may add extra attractions to the existing climber, it may need to be maintained carefully. It is better to go with the ones who have the option to remove it when needed.

    Frequently asked questions 

    A cat climber may seem like an easy buy from the outside. There are still extra cautious cat parents who need to double-check with a lot of questions. Here I’ll be trying to answer some of those concerns:

    1. How to get the cats like the cat tree? 

    It is like making a kid eat an unfamiliar meal where you may have to convince them with many toys. Here the scenario is a bit opposite. If you want to get your cats like the cat climber, you may use some catnips or other things that it is attracted to, to put on the tree.

    The cat may feel an easy urge to use the climber afterward.

    2. How many cat trees do one need for two cats? 

    It varies entirely on the size of the tree and the space of your house. Some people assemble multiple small cat trees for individual cats. If you want more interactions between them, you may get a large one that will accommodate both of them simultaneously. 

    If you have a bigger space, you can also install big sized cat trees in multiple numbers for 2 of them.

    3. What size should be best for big cat climbers? 

    There has been mentioning the parts of cat climbers on the buyer’s guide. If you are looking to buy one for the big cats, make sure to have the parts in immense proportions. The perches and poles have to be big enough to sustain big cats in an extra large cat tree.

    Also, if they come with condos, it has to have enough space to accommodate the cat. The sturdiness of the item is also an issue here. If you have an older big cat that may not have the energy to climb tall ones, get the medium-sized with large condos.

    4.How long should a cat tree last? 

    It depends on how heavily it has been used and how vigorously it has been scratched. Although cats are not human kids, you may train them but definitely not ask them to do this and to do that. They will always follow their natural instinct. 

    The life of a cat tree is a minimum of five years. Considering the amount of money you are investing in, the cat climber may take a longer time than expected. Some products come with an extended warranty to give a refund and replacement if something happens to the product before that time.

    Final words: 

    Pets are precious. It is something every pet parent will unanimously agree with. Pets are no less than their own children, and they have the right to be taken care of in every way possible. No matter how you nurture them or train them, there will always be a little creature wagging around to take away all the tiredness from the day. 

    Feeding is not the only thing they expect when they take shelter in an owner’s warmth. Their cozy hearts expect no fewer amusements than a happy little child. But it is not always possible to keep them entertained with physical appearance.

    Sure, you can take them out for a walk or play with them in your free time. But are you always schedule free to be around? Well, if you are an adult who runs both an office and a house at the same time, you may not have that. This article’s motto was to end that guilt now and furnish your cat to have some fun on their own.

    Hopefully, you are going to go back to a lot of happy wagging tails the next time you show up with the best big cat climber inside the house.