Best Cat Window Perch

Top 10 Best Cat Window Perch and Bed Review 2021

The most fascinating characteristic of cats is that they act like they own your entire house, and they sit on whatever feels comfy.Unfortunately, wherever cats sit their fur ruins the place – it can be your bed, dress, sofa, or floor. Thus, your beloved cat needs a place that is solely for its own. From our knowledge we can suggest you gift your furry friend a window perch.

Best Cat Window Perch

Here, we have profiled 10 best Cat Window Perches that your money can buy. There is an easy explanation for why our chosen cat window perches stand out from the crowd. All these cat perches feature the essential finer details that you could reasonably expect from a cat window perch/cat-hammock. Let’s not abuse your patience. Read below to discover more!

10 Best Cat Windows Perch  Comparison Table

If you own multiple cats and looking for a top-quality cat tree that meets all your cat’s needs. Then, pick none other than our chosen 62-Inch Cat Tree. Of course, cats love to stay warm and cozy – keeping that in mind, this cat tree is wrapped with high-quality Faux Fur material.

Cats love scratching a lot. Thus, featuring multiple scratching posts wrapped with natural sisal ropes allow your cat to scratch, play, and climb all day.

Cats get bored if they don’t find anything to play. This cat tree is designed to let your kitty play and rest all day. Basically, the design itself induces your cat to be more active. Most importantly, cats don’t like disruption during sleep. That’s why the condos are designed to be quiet and roomy to let your cat sleep peacefully.

What i Like

  • Made of high-quality boards which make it quite safe for your pet.
  • Wrapped with natural sisal rope satisfies your cat’s demand to scratch.
  • A complete package of comfort and entertainment for your cat.

What i Don’t Like

  • Lacks expected durability.

If you are looking for a cat window perch that can accommodate up to 2 cats, then we have the right solution for you. Our chosen NOYAL Cat Seat Perch come with very wide space and industrial-grade hard 3.3″ suction cups. The overall structure can hold two cats or up to 30 pounds. Plus, this cat hammock can even accommodate a dog perfectly.

Keeping your cat’s comfort ability in mind, this cat hammock melded with Oxford Cloth and plastic material. We all know, wherever a cat sits becomes very warm. But this bed material is breathable that won’t let the bed overheat. To make this cat hammock comfortable, simply you need to put a mattress on the bed during winter.

What i Like

  • Your cat can enjoy 360-degree sunbath due to the perch’s large space.
  • Easy to install without requiring any drilling.
  • The cover is detachable and easy to clean by hand wash.

What i Don’t Like

  • Suction cups lack a strong grip.

Is your cat very chubby who loves to watch birds sitting next to the window? Then, we recommend you to try this Kitty Cot Cat Perch. This one can hold a cat that weighs up to 25 pounds. It is built to last. The good news is you don’t need to worry about its durability because its frame is made of PVC plastic pipe with a strong fitting. Other sturdy appointments include super-tough nylon fabric which is almost impossible to rip or tear. Generally speaking, you can easily clean the fabric simply by applying soap and warm water.

Most noticeably, the overall design is so simple that you can easily install it without requiring any further tools.Remember to clean the surface before you attach the suction cups otherwise it won’t stick to a dirty surface.

What i Like

  • Looks standard 
  • 4 giant PATENTED suction cups for a strong grip.
  • Rugged fabric material offers durability and comfort ability.
  • Approved by Human Society of USA.

What i Don’t Like

  • Lacks reliability, it may fall off the window in the long run.

This cat window perch is perfectly designed for large cats, and it seems to satisfy all your needs. Furthermore, we can assure you that this window perch won’t leave you with negative experiences.

Besides, the design highlights easy installation. This window perch comes with a Velcro strap which attaches to any window sill. Furthermore, it has legs that support the perch by resting against the window. You don’t need to destroy your mill work by drilling and screwing holes in your window. When it comes to comfort, the cushion offers cozy experience as it is composed of soft comfy foam. Plus, the wool cushion cover is detachable which makes it easy to clean.

Frankly, this cat perch is specially designed for your cat to take a catnap and watch birds from the window.

What i Like

  • Melded with a soft and comfy foam cushion for optimum comfort.
  • A solid board resides under the cushion supports any heavy cat.
  • Can be attached even with a small window sill.

What i Don’t Like

  • Can only accommodate a single cat.  

This one looks luxurious, of course, in the eyes of the beholder. This deluxe cat perch is a great choice for the kitties who love to stand by the window for keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Featuring sturdy design which can easily accommodate a large cat weighs up to 40 pounds. The wide space of this cat perch allows your cat to lie under the sun. On top of that, K&H kitty Sill offers a detachable bolster/pillow as a railing that most cats love.

Thanks to its easy installation process that doesn’t require any drilling in the window. But K&H Kitty Sill comes with screws for permanent attachment to your window sill. The good thing is, K&H Kitty Sill comes in both heated and unheated options. The heated option melds with fleece and uses 6 watts of electricity to keep the bed warm during winter.

What i Like

  • Looks luxurious.
  • The detachable cover is easy to clean.
  • Hassle-free installation process.

What i Don’t Like

  • The supporting legs are made of plastic and sometimes lacks stability.

Do you know our chosen EZ Mount Penthouse is vet and expert-recommended? Certainly, this cat perch can turn a glass window into an entertaining platform for your beloved kitty in a moment.

We can assure you that this penthouse model cat perch can be the ultimate platform for your cat to take sunbath, watch birds, getting entertained, and snooze. The design highlights ledge which allows your cat to get in and out with ease.

Additionally, the windows feature a mesh design that gives a clear view from both inside and outside, also ideal for air circulation. Materials used for the bed include rich fabric and micro-fleece which feels very comfy and warm. Offering six large suction-cups facilitate easy mounting to any glass door or window in seconds.

What i Like

  • Finest materials are used across this cat perch for durability.
  • Accommodates multiple cats at the same time.
  • Easy to install without requiring any tool. 

What i Don’t Like

  • The suction-cups lack a strong grip sometimes.
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Are you looking for a cat perch that features open-top design and looks simple? Then, pick none other than our chosen Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed. Frankly, the open-top design allows your cat to jump in and jump out of it with ease. Also, it’s a great platform for a cat to enjoy the sunlight, bird, and weather.

Besides, during the summer season cats look for a place that features air circulation. Due to the open-top design, your cat will certainly feel cool and comfortable even in summer. Also, the bed material includes breathable oxford cloth and plastic material. Since bed mat features breath ability, it won’t let your cat’s body temperature to get high. On top of that, its 4 suction cups allow you to mount this cat hammock on any glass window along with a strong grip.

What i Like

  • Easy installation in seconds.
  • The stainless steel frame adds strength and durability.
  • Cover is removable and easy to clean by machine.

What i Don’t Like

  • The suction cups are not up to the standard.

K&H knows how much you love your cat. Keeping that in mind, they innovate quality products to make their lives better. That way, Window Bubble Pod is one of their great innovations. Also, this kitty sill is approved by the vet and experts. We can assure you that this one can be the ultimate entertaining platform for your cat. Window Bubble Pod

allows your cat to take sunbath, snooze, watch birds, and more! On top of that, the large suction-cups can hold up to 60 lbs. To ensure durability and comfort ability, this kitty sill is composed with the finest materials.

The design highlights that your kitty can see the outside world as well as you from the perch. Also, 2 side entrance allows your cat to have access perch from either side.

What i Like

  • Comes with a soft and comfortable kitty pad.
  • Easy to mount to any smooth surface like a glass window / door.
  • Unique and eye-catching design

What i Don’t Like

  • Large cats often don’t fit properly.

Here comes another elegant looking kitty sill, K&H Universal Mount Kitty Sill. Of course, there will always be people who have quite a large cat. For them, the design comes out well-built that can hold up to 60 lbs. Adjustable snap-in legs reside under the board that gives stable support by resting against the glass surface. This kitty sill comes with three strong suction cups and doesn’t require any drilling. You can easily mount it on any smooth glass window as soon as you receive the product. Besides, your cat will certainly find the bed very comfortable because it features an orthopedic foam mattress.

What i Like

  • The great oval design looks very elegant.
  • The cover is removable and machine washable.
  • Finest materials are used for durability.

What i Don’t Like

  • Only one cat can fit

Our chosen is K&H EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill; it’s the most versatile and stronge stkitty sill available on the market. Remarkably, this one comes in both single-level and double-stack designs for single and multiple cats respectively. Honestly, it’s a comfy snoozing platform for your kitty. Also, it allows the kitty to enjoy weather, birds, and sun without going out-of-doors.

The design lets you to quickly fold up this kitty sill without uninstalling it. Moreover, you can fully use your curtains or blinds.

On top of that, the frame is composed of fine steel instead of a PVC pipe for optimum strength and style. It has a steel-made sleek frame that adds a standard and streamline look to your glass window.

What i Like

  • Industrial-strength suction-cups can hold up to 100 lbs.
  • Double stack design offers your cat more fun and comfort.
  • The fold able design allows full usage of your curtains or blinds.
  • Detachable cover is easy to clean.

What i Don’t Like

  • Not an ideal design for two cats because they may fight over one seat.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cat Window Perch 

Of course, cats are your family members and you always want them to have the best pet product. Thus, to let you choose the right cat window perch we are presenting a buying guide. The below buying guide will assist you during shopping for a window perch for your cat.

  • Right Size for Your Cat

Choose a cat window perch depending on your cat size and cat numbers. The window perch must be wide enough so that your cat can comfortably lay and stretch. Some window perch offers a wide place or double stack for multiple cats. But it’s not a good idea to accommodate multiple cats in a single window perch because they may raise a fight over the place.  Thus, getting separate window perches for each of your cats is recommended.

Also, make sure that your glass window is big enough that a cat perch/hammock can fit on it.

Weight Capacity 

You also need to consider the weight limit of the window perch. Some window perches offer weight limits ranging from 50 lbs. to 100 lbs.

The Large industrial-grade suction cup comes with a great grip. If you have two cats, choose something that offers large weight capacity and bigger suction cups for a strong grip.

Unfortunately, sometimes suction cups come off the glass window which scares your sleeping cat a lot.  We have outlined a few tips below that will make the suction cups stick to the glass surface with a better grip.

Enter your text here…

Frame Materials

Of course, you want a sturdy and durable widow perch because you don’t want the perch to collapse while your cat is resting on it. For strong durability and standard look, pick a window perch that comes with a stainless steel frame instead ofa PVC pipe frame.

Basically, the PVC pipe frame is very unappealing because such stuff often resides under the bathroom sink.

Bed Material

We all know that cats love soft and comfy places to rest. Make sure the bed mat of the window perch is very soft and comfy. Choosing a woolly/fleecy bed mat can be an ideal choice. Also, the bed mat must feature breath ability to keep your cat cool during summer.

Choose a bed mat fabric that keeps the cat fur away from your furniture. Plus, the cover of the bed mat must be pet stain-resistant and easy to clean with a machine or hands.

Hammock, box, or pod design?

Usually, cat window perches are available in the form of a hammock, box, or pod design. Hammock design is popular due to its open-top design and better air circulation. Hammock style perch features a stretchy fabric material supported by steel/plastic frame. Also, the hammock design allows your cat to enjoy the 360-degree sunlight, weather, birds, and keep an eye both at the neighborhood and you.

Box and pod design window perch are almost similar in shape. They both come in box-like shape and offer room for multiple cats. Interestingly, cats often love to sit or try to fit in a box regardless of the box size.  Thus, go for a box shape window perch if your cat loves boxes.

Easy installation

Certainly, you don’t want to destroy your mill work by drilling and screwing holes in your window. Thus, go for a window perch that features easy installation without requiring any damage to your window.Hassle-free uninstallation is also an important deciding factor because you will often need to detach it for cleaning or shifting purposes.

Foldable Design

At night you may want to cover your glass window with curtains or blinds. Thus, choose a window perch that features a foldable design. So, you can easily fold the perch up without requiring to uninstall it.


Is it necessary to buy a cat window perch for my cat? 

Cats love to enjoy nature, sunlight, and watching birds standing by a window. Also, cats get bored and angry if you don’t allow your cat to have contact with nature. Even some cats are very prone to go outside. Sometimes cats get scared, and they seek a place to hide.

A comfy cat window perch can be the best solution for all of these problems. It allows your cat to rest next to a window and enjoy nature. Also, it reduces their tendency to go outside frequently.

Besides, cats love to sleep on a soft and comfy place – it can be your bed or furniture. And, cat’s fur can ruin your furniture and bed. A window perch can be an ideal solution to this problem. Also, it lets your cat enjoy a catnap without having disrupted.

Why do cats love to sit near a window? 

Being indoors all day can make a cat bored or destructive. Looking out the window gives a cat mental stimulation and enrichment. Cats love to watch birds, other cats, small wildlife, and outdoor plants.

Also, cats have a tendency to enjoy sunlight, nature, and weather.Basically, looking out windows allows the cats to have hours of entertainment. Also, looking outside of the window keeps them very engaged and interested in what’s happening around them.

How to install a cat window perch?

Basically, the installation process depends on the types of window perch. Yet, two installation methods are very commonly seen: a) installing the perch onto the window sill and b) hanging the perch from the glass window.

For installing the perch onto the window sill, simply you need to install it either by using screws or Velcro tape. And the legs support the bottom of the perch by resting against the wall.

For permanent solutions and greater stability, using screws is the best solution. But it will certainly damage your mill work.

On the other hand, the perches/hammocks that hang from the glass window usually come with 4/6 suction cups. For installation, you need to attach those suction cups with your glass window to support the weight of the perch. Remember that the glass window surface must be smooth and clean to achieve a strong grip from the suction cups.

How to prevent suction cups from coming off the glass window? 

For a better grip, you must choose a smooth, flat, and clean glass window surface. Before you affix the suction cups, you must clean the surface as well as inside of the suction cups. Use vinegar or alcohol for the cleaning purpose. Rinsing the suction cups with water is also very helpful.

Final Thoughts 

All the above-mentioned cat window perches feature very high-profile highlighted designs. Also, they come with all the finer details that you would expect from a window perch/hammock. Also, these 10 best cat window perches offer the perfect design that is based on a significant amount of research done on cats. Generally speaking, a good design itself is very inviting and appealing to any cat.

Most noticeably, these window perches are composed of very high-quality materials that set them apart from the other regular kitty sills/perches. On top of that, comfort ability and quality have not been compromised during production. Hopefully, these window perches are likely to impress your cat. You may take the above-mentioned reviews into your consideration while shopping for a window perch for your feline friend.