10 Best Collars for Pitbulls Reviews Updated 2021

A good collar is more than a simple accessory to keep our Pitbulls on a leash. If used correctly, these products can serve to discipline and train our beloved dogs, which helps improve their behavior and interactions with other people and their dog friends.

Of course, not every collar does the trick. That’s why today we’re taking a closer look at the best collars for Pitbulls. In this selection, we’ve considered the accessories that delivered pleasant results due to their build, comfort, and durability.

If you want to learn more about what makes these collars a good investment, continue reading this article! By the end, you and your dog buddy will find an ideal pick for their comfort.

Top 10 Best Collars for Pitbulls Comparison Table

The following are the top collars that met our and many other customer’s expectations. With any of these accessories, dogs will feel comfortable as their owners take them for a walk.

Regularly, the dog’s mission seems to be chewing everything at hand, especially their collars. If you want to make a wise investment, you better consider buying an accessory like this one. Thanks to its durable and sturdy construction, you can expect it to last for a long time.

The material used to create this product is heavy-duty nylon, which delivers durability, and toughness to withstand the abuse. These tactical grade materials serve other purposes, such as creating a lightweight and comfortable collar.

For the buckles and the rest of the parts included, the collar features stainless steel. This material is durable and convenient due to its strength. Regardless of how regularly you wash it, the accessory won’t suffer any rust or tarnish.

The collar is machine washable, long-lasting, comfortable, and there are many sizes available. All of these features are reasons why both dogs and owners would love this accessory.

Other than multiple sizes, the manufacturer offers variety in color as well. You can get the collar in orange, red, black, and pink, among other options. While this accessory isn’t necessarily the best-looking, the bright colors and simple design make it a good pick.

If you decide to go with this product, make sure to check twice their size. The collars run a bit large, meaning that they may not fit well for slender dogs.

What i Like

  • Durable and resistant heavy-duty nylon with stainless steel pieces
  • Different bright colors and multiple sizes available
  • Washable
  • Adjustable size
  • Lightweight and comfortable

What i Don’t Like

  • The size may be too large for slender dogs

A clear advantage this accessory has over the rest is its incredible looks. The thick nylon strap, combined with an ultra-soft inner lining, not only makes the collar look good from both sides, but those materials are also super comfortable for your pet friend!

This collar is available in only three sizes, with up to five colors available. Although variety isn’t the strongest feat of this accessory, all of the models look and feel great. While wearing it, the dogs won’t have any pain due to unexpected irritation or similar issues seen with low-quality dog collars.

The build features heavy-duty D-ring made of metal, the same material used for the buckles. For more comfort, there are five adjustable points, which make it easy to accommodate the collar and attach a leash for those walks around the block.

Another cool addition is the hook and loop panel, which allows owners to include a military patch or a name identification for the dogs. In case there’s an emergency, this feature comes in handy to let people know the pet’s name as well as other useful information.

In many ways, this product is a success in many areas. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and the sizes are accurate for medium and large dogs. The durability, however, is not the best. If your baby chews it, the collar won’t withstand the pressure.

What i Like

  • Good-looking military-like collar for medium and large dogs
  • Thick nylon strap with comfortable inner lining build
  • Hook and loop to attach ID
  • Includes five adjustable points

What i Don’t Like

  • Not the most durable collar
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Not always will you find a collar made with leather that actually looks like it. Upon the first impression, this accessory may not seem that comfortable, but once your dog starts wearing it, you’ll notice how happy the pets will be.

You can tell the high-quality of this accessory due to its handmade build. The hand-stitched design is remarkable, as it makes both sides of the genuine leather feel incredibly soft for the dogs. Issues like rubbing or irritation won’t be of any concern for both parties, you and your dog.

Besides genuine leather, the product features high-quality hardware to guarantee the dog’s comfort. For instance, there’s the D-ring, which comes with a quick-release buckle. Whether you’re putting it on or taking a leash off, it won’t be a hassle.

Unlike other collars reviewed here, this one isn’t fit for machine washing. Instead, you’d have to care for it by wiping it clean. Always avoid bleach, dry clean, and iron. Though the colors don’t fade away easily, strong chemicals may end up hurting the dog collar.

This accessory gets praise due to its genuine leather material, which sadly comes with its own disadvantages as well. Most noticeably, there’s a strong odor that doesn’t dissipate easily. It could be a frustrating issue.

What i Like

  • High-quality genuine dual-sided leather build
  • Includes D-ring and quick-release buckle
  • Prevents rubbing and irritation
  • Lightweight and comfortable

What i Don’t Like

  • A strong leather odor is hard to remove

Alright, that’s enough collars for large dogs. What about small puppies? Did we forget about them? Not at all! Here’s the perfect accessory to keep the small puppies in check while they feel secure and comfortable.

This collar features nylon material, created with the traditional soft padded lining. The combination of these materials creates a comfortable dog collar that keeps issues like irritation away, and it won’t pull the dog’s hair or skin either.

Once you get the collar on your hand, you’ll notice how lightweight it feels, which is yet another benefit for the dog. For more convenience, the D-Ring included makes it possible to attach a leash. It’s a pleasant advantage that lets you keep your little friend nearby during walks.

The addition of a magic sticker ID panel is also a good choice by the manufacturer. You can use it for patches. Nonetheless, there’s only one patch included with the purchase, and it’s a random pick. Still, it offers a level of customization most people would appreciate.

One minor issue with this product is that threads fray regularly. If you want to avoid any issue, you’d have to trim those loose threads.

What i Like

  • Good-quality nylon material with padded lining
  • D-Ring included for a leash
  • Adjustable collar to fit the leash size
  • Small, medium, andlarge sizes available

What i Don’t Like

  • Threads come looseregularly
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This product is like nothing we’ve seen so far during these reviews. For starters, even though it works like a collar, its real purpose is fairly similar to jewelry. Does it sound too eccentric for a dog? Well, many people like their beloved pets to look as fancy and stylish as possible.

Either way, the collar is more than just a good-looking accessory. By featuring 316L stainless steel metal, this accessory proves to be a surprisingly long-lasting product. Not only will it resist the test of time, but it also prevents rust or tarnish as well.

What about the dog, though? While wearing the collar, dogs won’t suffer negative reactions on their skin, guaranteeing their comfort at all times.

It may not seem like it, but the quality of the links truly improves the value of this collar.

After ordering, you receive the collar in a beautiful black velvet pouch that is quite luxurious. You can use this container to either keep the dog collar safe or to give it away in a beautiful package.

Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect accessory. Many customers reported that their dogs had their fur stuck in the collar, which is not pleasant for anyone involved. This issue takes place when you try to remove the collar by force, meaning you should be able to prevent it in the first place.

What i Like

  • Gorgeous dog collar
  • Multiple sizes available
  • 316L stainless steel build
  • Beautiful black velvet pouch included

What i Don’t Like

  • Fur can get stuck in the collar

This collar considers your pet’s comfort above anything else, which is why the tightening mechanism keeps a good grip but without choking risks. For training, this system comes in useful, as it allows owners to correct their pets through unharmed discipline.

For its build, the collar features genuine leather and a stainless steel chain. These materials are durable like no other, providing a permanent accessory that your dog learns to love in due time. Additionally, this construction surpasses dog collars with nickel-plated iron instead.

Precisely due to the comfort of using this collar is because many would recommend it for training dogs. During practices, you’ll be able to discipline your pet without pulling their fur in the process. After a while, your dog will start to appreciate this accessory as much as you’ll do.

Despite the dog’s size, this collar will fit most of them easily. The sizes available are three, including for small, medium, and larger dogs. Thanks to the stainless steel chain, adjusting the strap to accommodate your pet’s neck won’t be a problem.

Just like the stainless steel chain works great for some, other owners may dislike it. It isn’t odd to find people commenting that the chain is a bit too much, especially on smaller breeds where it looks like overkill.

What i Like

  • Ideal dog collar for training
  • Genuine leather material with stainless steel chain
  • Soft, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Many sizes available

What i Don’t Like

  • The chain may be too large for smaller dogs

Nylon isn’t necessarily the material most people want for the collars, as many would prefer leather as their first choice. In some cases, though, nylon proves to be a worthy alternative. If you want proof, you’ll have to do nothing more than take a look at this product.

This collar is available in small, medium, and large sizes. As mentioned above, the material featured is nylon, which is thick, soft, and features reflective thread. Also, the dog collar includes a lockable buckle made of plastic and stainless steel chain with O-rings.

While it can’t compare to the rest, all of the pieces and materials responsible for creating this collar deliver pleasant results. Your dog will feel comfortable, and you’ll have peace of mind after attaching a leash.

The colors available are pretty good too. Some of them are blue, red, orange, pink, purple, and more. All of them are bright and fade-resistant, making the collar look good long after purchasing it.

Before ordering this product, make sure to get the right measurements and contact the manufacturer if necessary. In previous cases, customers have complained the recommended size didn’t fit their dog, making them return the collar and order another one either smaller or larger.

What i Like

  • Thick and soft nylon material
  • More than five bright colors available
  • Reflective thread for more safety
  • Stainless steel chain with O-rings

What i Don’t Like

  • The measurements provided by the manufacturer aren’t always accurate

The following collar is the one accessory Pitbull owners need if they want their dogs to look badass. While it’s true that the spikes design of this accessory is far from innovative, it remains a classic for this particular breed.

With sizes like 16-19”, 18-21”, and 20-23” available, most Pitbulls will feel comfortable while rocking one of these!

This collar shines through its build as well. The front side features genuine leather, with a padded inner side for that extra comfort due to the addition of PU leather. As they wear it, dogs won’t suffer from skin irritation or choking risks.

The sturdy D-ring is another good addition to this collar. It’s resistant enough to put up with the Pitbulls’ strength. Here, the sewn thread also plays an important role, keeping everything in place to improve the accessory’s durability in the long run.

Other features customers will appreciate are the adjustable metal eyelets, responsible for securing the collar’s right size and the colors available, which include black, pink, and red.

Overall, this accessory is ideal for a Pitbull. If by any chance your pet grows out of it, or if they don’t like it, other breeds like golden retrievers bulldogs and many more would make good use of this collar.

Of course, the spikes on the collar could be a disadvantage too. While playing with the dog, you or their buddies could get hurt.

What i Like

  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • Suitable for many breeds
  • High-quality materials
  • Strong, durable and resistant build
  • Adjustable

What i Don’t Like

  • The spikes could be a problem

If you want to make your dog look sophisticated and classy, as they should always be, this accessory is the perfect tool for that. The collar is available in multiple colors, with the leather material making all of them attractive.

Besides looking good, the high-grade leather makes the collar strong. This material is visible on top and bottom, featuring heavy-duty polyester webbing in the middle. The brand logos carved on both ends of the collar, although some may not like them, they do add a classy touch.

The addition of genuine leather takes care of issues like color fading and scratches. You may need to put up some special care to wash this collar, but the result is a long-lasting accessory that you and your pet will love.

In many areas, the collar delivers nothing but excellence. Other than the leather and polyester webbing, another useful feature is the metal buckle. This piece comes with an eco-friendly brass color coating. Not only is it durable, but it also adds a lot to the product’s final look.

Luckily, the best part about this collar is that it’s suitable for most breeds. Even if you don’t have a Pitbull at home, you’d still be able to make your fur baby look incredible by wearing this accessory.

The bad news is that there’s no extra loop that prevents the end from sticking out. If that’s an issue, which it’d be for owners with small dogs, you’d have to go to extreme ends like using glue.

What i Like

  • Sophisticated andclassy collar for Pitbulls and most breeds
  • Many colors available
  • Durable materials
  • Softness
  • Good-looking metal buckle

What i Don’t Like

  • No extra loop to keep the collar’s end from sticking out

The last product is a rather basic, but still a good pick for Pitbull owners. This collar is available in more than five color designs, including bright red, pink, and blue, to name a few. There are no plastic buckles involved, meaning the dogs won’t have their hair or skin stuck.

By measuring 1” wide, and offering adjustments between 17” and 24”, the collar would fit most Pitbulls easily. As always, leaving a two-finger space between the collar and the dog guarantees it’ll remain on without hurting your four-legged friend. In that regard, this accessory delivers comfort.

When it comes to the build materials, this collar can’t compare to the rest. It features polyester filament and thermal dye sublimation, which may bring bright colors that don’t fade away easily, but the durability isn’t the same as genuine leather.

Another disadvantage of this product is that only medium to large pets would enjoy it the most. It isn’t as suitable for smaller breeds, which, of course, may discourage a lot of people from getting it in the first place.

Ultimately, if your purpose is to provide comfort for your dog, this collar does meet that expectation. The polyester webbing is soft and flexible, making your beloved pet feel good while wearing this accessory.

What i Like

  • Bright colors available
  • Polyester webbing is comfortable andflexible
  • Good pick for medium to large dogs
  • Machine andhand washable

What i Don’t Like

  • Not as durable as collars with genuine leather
  • Not the best choice for smaller breeds

What to Look for Before Buying?

After doing the reviews, we have to ask ourselves, what makes these accessories good collars for Pitbulls? There are many reasons why they’re on our list. Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing.


A collar could quickly turn into pain for you and the dog if it doesn’t have the right materials. While looking for one, you’ll find that the most common materials included in the collar’s build are either leather or nylon.

These two materials make the collars comfortable, even when the dog is pulling.

Additionally, you want to check out the buckles. They could be quite heavy at times, which may result in a less fun experience for our fur friends. If you want the most comfort for your baby, consider plastic, aluminum, or metal with plastic buckles.


Pitbulls grow to a certain age, but not all of them are the same, naturally. Although the sizes of the collars available are many, your dog is unique, which is why measuring the dog is a must before purchasing any accessory.

Here’s a quick way on how to do that:

  • Search for the Pitbull’s collar bone, which should be in-between the ears around the neck.
  • Once you do that, grab a measuring tape and use it to measure the neck’s size.
  • Write down the measurement taken, and add an extra two inches. That’s it. There’s the ideal size you should look for while purchasing a collar.

Type of Collar

During our best dog collars for Pitbulls reviews, we talked about different types of collars. In the list, you’ll find Martingale collars, the traditional flat collar, and even chains. Later in the article, we’ll go in-depth about the purpose of each one.


Earlier, we mentioned the main materials, but there’s more than leather or nylon in a collar. You also have to take a look at the rest of the pieces, such as the buckles, D-rings, and, in some cases, the chain. Every one of these features serves a purpose to keep the dog under control.

The materials used to create those parts vary a lot. Some brands prefer to use stainless steel, while other companies go with plastic. Ultimately, it’s your decision on which one to buy. Both have their benefits and disadvantages, leaving it up to you to pick what’s best for your dog.

Extra Features

Depending on the manufacturer, the collars may offer the option to attach accessories like a name tag, shot records, among other things. If you wanted to buy these items anyway, why not purchase them all together? Not every dog collar comes with these accessories, though.

Some people may not think they’re necessary, but having an ID or shot record helps a lot during an emergency. In some places, the law requires the use of a collar with this information, so you’d also be preventing any potential legal issue.

Different Types of Collars

Before picking up your favorite collar, you must be aware of the different types that you could find. Keep in mind that, depending on the dog’s behavior, you may need a particular collar from the list below. As always, make sure to purchase a dog collar that won’t cause any harm.

  • Classic Flat Collar

These collars are the most traditional type of dog collar. They’re quite simple, which makes them comfortable for regular use during the day.

Collars under this category often come with the option to attach identification tags and shot records. Lastly, these accessories are easy to maintain in good shape.

  • Martingale Collars

These collars are ideal for Pitbulls with slight aggressive traits or those that often get nervous around other dogs or people.

Thanks to their no-slip design, these collars tighten when the dogs pull. If you use them with a harness, these dog collars deliver stability without tightening dangerously around the neck.

  • Pinch Collar

People also call these the prong collars, and they’re not good for dogs unless you know what you’re doing. If used incorrectly, these collars may end up hurting your Pitbull, which is the opposite of our main purpose.

In most cases, dog owners use pinch collars as the ultimate training alternative.

  • Electric Collars

Yet another accessory that you must use with extreme caution. These collars cause vibrations or shocks to train the dogs. Regularly, these collars use a set of batteries and remote control for you to encourage positive or negative reactions on your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the right size of the best collars for Pit bulls?

Since Pitbulls have thick necks, taking the right measurement for the collar could be a bit tricky. You must have enough space underneath the collar to put two fingers. If you fit more fingers, the collar may be too loose. On the other hand, if you can’t put the two fingers, then it’s too tight.

  • Why are prong collars dangerous?

Prong collars are useful when the dog is too aggressive, but only professionals must handle them. Without the proper knowledge, inexperienced dog owners could hurt their pets while handling one of these accessories.

  • Why get a collar for my Pitbull?

Collars serve more than one purpose, not only for Pitbulls but for most breeds. For example, they’re accessories that help you train the dogs. Also, a good collar keeps the dogs restrained if they get nervous around strangers. 

Another reason to get a collar is that, in some places, it’s an accessory that dogs must wear by law.

  • Do collars support leash attachment?

Yes, but you should be cautious when using the leash. Pitbulls, in particular, are strong, and the pull may cause damage to their neck while reducing the control you have over them. There are methods to prevent this issue, such as using a leash on a Martingale collar with a harness.

  • Are the collars good for other breeds?

Yes. Many of the accessories reviewed here, if not all of them, would fit well for dogs other than Pitbulls. Naturally, you must make the right measurements to find the perfect fit.

Final Words

Even though Pitbulls don’t have the reputation they need, their love is unconditional.

They’re loyal dogs that will stick to our side to keep us company for many years. It’s only fair we treat them equally by getting them the best collars for Pitbullsto make them feel safe, comfortable, and loved.