5 Best Crystal Cat Litter Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2021

If you’re a cat owner, you know just how important the cat litter is. Although cat litter might seem like a thing that you can buy with your eyes closed, it is not so simple.

Buying the wrong kind of cat litter might cause clumps and bad odor. That is why you need the best crystal cat litter for your feline friend.

The best option to go for if you’re looking for something that requires minimum maintenance, does not spread odor, and your cat likes it as well, is crystal litter.

Made with silica gel, this litter is easy to clean out, will absorb all liquid, and get rid of any smell. Once you get your hands on this, there’s no going back to traditional wet and sandy litters.

Top 5 Best Crystal Cat Litter Comparison Table 

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Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats

ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter, Multi-Cat

Benefits of Crystal Cat Litter 

Crystal litter is so good that if your cat had the option to choose litter for itself, your cat would choose this. With so many benefits, you can say goodbye to the old bentonite clay litters.

  • Does Not Clump
  • Unlike bentonite clay or baking soda cat litters, crystal litter does not clump up. All the liquid is absorbed, but the crystals remain dry.

  • Cleaner
  • As traditional litter is known to clump, dry, and produce dust, it is very normal for your cat to pick up dust and create a mess. With no clump crystal litters, you don’t have to worry about any such thing.

  • Safer
  • Crystal litter is known to be more cat-friendly than any other kind of cat litters. As no dust is produced, your cat is prevented from getting diseases like asthma and dust allergies. With lesser chemicals involved, your cat is safer.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Lesser dust and no clump means you won’t have to spend too much time cleaning up cat litter. You only need to replace crystal litter once a month.

    Best Crystal Cat Litter Reviews

    There are plenty of crystal litter options to choose from. How will you know which is the right crystal cat litter? To make the decision making the process a little easier for you, we have here the best crystal cat litter reviews.

    Cat litter usually comes in large bags or bulk quantities as they need to be replaced so often. Available in an 8Lb bag, this crystal litter will last you longer than most typical cat litters. You’ll get more use than a bag of 28Lb clumping cat litter. Save yourself from lifting those heavy bags of cat litter and ending up with a backache.

    Generally, cat litter can collect quite a lot of dust from the environment. Thanks to the low dust technology, you won’t have to deal with dusty air around the litter box no matter where you live. This prevents your cat from getting diseases and is a great choice if you have asthma. Lower levels of dust also make cleaning easier.

    You won’t have to deal with bad odor once you set up a box with this crystal litter. All kinds of bad smells and odors are kept away for at least one month. So, you won’t have to replace the litter box in a month. Freshly scented crystals add a nice sweet smell to your house.

    High absorbing crystals like these make sure there is no spillage. As all liquid is sucked in almost instantaneously, your cat can’t walk around with wet paws, and you are left with a clean house.

    What i Like

    • Lightweight
    • Comes in an 8LB bag that is easy to carry around
    • Keeps your house smelling fresh
    • High absorbing crystals
    • Easy to dispose

    What i Don’t Like

    • Urine might pile up in the bottom

    One thing that any kind of crystal litter struggles with is dealing with cat feces. Sometimes even the best crystal litters will lose in eliminating the smell.

    Thanks to these high absorption crystals, all liquid is drained out from the feces, helping getting rid of any bad odor. This dehydration process also makes cleaning up easier as all the waste is dry. You can easily scoop out all the waste without having to deal with clumped up litter.

    A low-tracking technology helps separate the crystals from your cat’s paws. This way, your cat does not walk around with messy paws, and your house is left clean and mess-free.

    Although all liquid is absorbed by the crystal just to be safe, an extra layer of plastic protection is added to the tray. So that even if some liquid builds up in the bottom, there is no leakage.

    Cleaning up the used up litter is also very easy. You won’t have to do any scooping, you can just throw the whole thing into a garbage bag, and you’re good to go. Disposing cat litter has never been easier.

    With low levels of chemicals used, this is the safest crystal litter for your cat. If your cat is sensitive and gets allergies easily, you might consider getting this Pet Safe Scoop-free crystal cat litter. 

    What i Like

    • Easy to get rid off
    • No need to scoop out any waste
    • Dehydrates feces and removes all smell
    • Extra protective lining added to the bottom of the tray
    • No leakage

    What i Don’t Like

    • Size of the crystals might make this a choking hazard for cats

    Low track crystal litters like this one are a treat to have at home. This means that no crystal will get attached to your feline friend’s paws, and therefore, the litter won’t spread across your house. So you can spend less time cleaning up and more time with your kitty!

    If you’re a fan of hard clump crystal cat litter, you are going to love this one. Dr. Elsey’s premium litter is capable of draining all moisture out of your cat’s waste, leaving you with dry hard clumps.

    Unlike most hard clumping crystal litter, this one does not produce dust when it dries, keeping both you and your cat safe from asthma and allergies.

    All the clumps that are formed are rock solid and don’t break apart. So you won’t have chunks that you’ll have to separate from the crystal litter box. Easy to sift crystal litters like this one won’t cause you any trouble when getting rid of a batch of litter. The mechanical litter box also makes disposal an easy task.

    What i Like

    • Forms hard clumps that don’t break apart
    • No dust is produced
    • Hypoallergenic cat litter
    • Good for people who have dust allergies
    • Low track

    What i Don’t Like

    • Not the most long-lasting; needs to be changed weekly

    Looking for a cat litter box that not only helps get rid of the bad smell but adds a sweet scent to your room? We’ve got you covered. This one from World’s Best comes with scented crystals that help keep your room fresh.

    The high absorbent crystals suck out all the moisture from the waste, leaving them dry and easy to clean up. No sifting or scooping is required. Getting rid of the cat litter once you are done using it is also quite easy. There are no special requirements, and the crystal litter can just be chucked into the bin.

    Although the crystals are scented, they do not have much chemical content. So your cat is not exposed to too much hark and is kept safe. There have been no complaints about allergic reactions from using this crystal litter.

    And the tray that is provided with his litter is decently sized; your cat will never outgrow this one! Big trays allow your cat to get more comfortable. With more space available, your cat does not feel limited and so can respond to nature’s call peacefully.

    What i Like

    • Does not cause any allergic reaction
    • Low chemical content
    • Scented crystals make your room smell fresh
    • No complicated disposal procedures
    • Leaves waste dry and easy to clean up
    • Large size bag that is enough for 2 or 3 cats

    What i Don’t Like

    • Scented crystals might be unpleasant to your cat

    Although no-clump crystal litter is all the hype right now, some people might still prefer clump crystal litter. Some cats are used to clump litters and have a hard time shifting to non-clump ones.

    This one from Arm and Hammer will clump up nicely, but when the clump dries, no dust or debris is produced. So no dust gets trapped on your cat’s paws, and your house remains clean. Crustal litters that produce dust can be quite heavy on your cat’s lungs.

    The dust makes it hard for some cats to breathe properly, causing some cats to fall sick. With no dust production, this litter will keep you and your cat safe from allergies and asthma.

    With high absorbing crystals, this litter will keep any odor away. As the clumps are dehydrated and contain zero moisture, you get 10% more odor control that any other crystal cat litter.

    If you’re dealing with a new cat or potty training your cat for the first time, this might be a great option to start with. The perfect texture (not too hard, not too soft) makes this a crystal litter that your cat will enjoy sitting on.

    What i Like

    • Clumps but does not create dust when dried
    • Clumps do not stick to the tray
    • No trapping; your house and cat’s paws remain clean
    • 10% more odor control than any other crystal litter
    • Cats find the texture comforting

    What i Don’t Like

    • Needs to be replaced every 7 days

    Features to Look for before Buying

    When buying the best crystal litter for cats, there are some features and factors that you should be extra careful about. These features make or break qualities that decide how good the cat litter you are buying is.

  • Dust Resistant
  • Collecting some dust is common in any kind of litter. As the box is mostly left open and exposed for your cat, some dust will surely get in. Removing or cleaning dust from cat litter is something that no one wants to deal with.

    The cleaning procedure could take ages, and you’d still be left with some dust. That is why you should look out for “no-dust” or “low-dust” crystal litter.

    Crystal litter does not collect too much dust, but depending on where you locate the litter box, you might see some dust build-up. Get crystal cat litter that is designed to be dust resistant if you live in a dusty or sandy area.

  • Texture
  • If the litter that you buy is too hard or too soft, your cat won’t be too impressed with it. The wrong texture might make your cat uncomfortable. If this happens, your cat won’t use the cat litter you have bought and instead will pee around in your house.

    Crystal litter that is soft, but not too much, will ensure that your cat is comfortable. The litter won’t bug your cat’s paws, and so your cat will continue using the litter box without any twinge.

  • Durability
  • Most crystal cat litters need to be changed only once a month. But this does depend on the brand and kind of crystal litter you are purchasing. Look out for the lasting duration on the cat litters bag to be sure of this.

    Purchasing crystal litter that needs to be changed often defeats the purpose of getting them in the first place. You won’t have to buy cat litter now and then. This is a cost-effective option and also good for the environment as crystal litter leaves a lower carbon footprint.

  • Odor Control
  • One thing that clay litter is not good at is keeping odor away. You don’t want to walk around in a house that smells like cat pee, do you? Get good quality crystal litter, and you won’t have to deal with that smell anymore. You can also look out for crystal litters that give off fresh scents while eliminating all odor.

  • Clump or No Clump
  • Crystal litter is known for its amazing no-clump technology. But some people might want a litter that clumps. If you do, make sure you get litter that is easy to clean up and scoop out. Even crustal litters that clump does not produce dust, so you don’t have to worry about your house getting messy.

    No-clump litters are the best as the litter always stays dry and fresh. As there is no dust produced, your cat does not get diseases. This no-dust technology is also great if you have a dust allergy or asthma. Most of the good quality no-clump crystal litters come with disposable trays and can be disposed of in the garbage easily.

  • Cost
  • You buy crystal litter less often than you would a normal clay litter. But you will notice that crystal litter costs a lot more than normal clay litter. As you don’t buy crystal litter more than once a month, the cost and the usage time balance out.

    But still, you should go for options that are a bit affordable. If your cat gets used to crystal litter that is too expensive, making a jump to a lesser costly one could be difficult for your feline friend.

    Who Should Buy Crystal Cat Litter?

    Crystal litter is the litter to go for if you don’t like dealing with cat urine and feces. With replacements needed just once a month, this is the perfect option for a busy cat parent.

    Often, cleaning and sifting cat poop out from clay litters can take up too much of your time. With no-clump technology, you won’t have to sift out chunks of sand or poop anymore. Everything is left dry, and so is easier to clean.

    Also, if you have problems lifting heavy weights, crystal litter is the best. As lesser replacement is required, the packs come in smaller proportions and are easier to lift.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    To help you understand crystal litter a bit better, we have answered some commonly asked questions about the product.

    What is crystal litter made out of? 

    Crystal litter is made out of silica gel. This component is great at absorbing liquid and is safe for cats.

    How does crystal litter work? 

    Silica gel is capable of absorbing a lot of liquid quickly. So the gel takes care of all liquids and keeps the litter dry, odor-free, and fresh.

    Is crystal litter safe for cats? 

    With lesser chemicals involved, crystal litter is the safest option for cats. With crystal litter, your cat won’t ever get allergies or asthma.

    Can you flush crystal litter? 

    Crystal litter that does not clump can be flushed off in small amounts. This can be done in emergency cases and should not be a permanent disposal option. If you’re not sure whether the litter you have bought is clump-free or not, it is best not to flush the litter down the toilet.

    What is the best way to dispose of crystal litter? 

    Just throw the used litter into a garbage bag. This will prevent any leakage, smell, and dripping and is also an easy option.

    Final Words

    Crystal litter is far better than regular clay, corn, or newspaper litter. This is the best method if you want minimal contact with cat urine and feces. Get your hands on the best crystal cat litter to save time, keep your house odor-free, and create less waste.