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10 Best Dog Food for Pugs Reviews Buying Guide 2021

Dogs are said to be humans’ best friends. These fluffy and attentive creatures are kind, caring, protective, and loving to their owners. And one of the cutest breeds among the dog population is the pug. Adorable and loving, these fluffballs will never leave you alone and will be loyal to you throughout its entire lifetime.

Hence, you have to provide the best for them. However, finding the perfect dog food for your pug in a vast market is like looking for a black cat in a coal cellar.

In our article, we are introducing 10 of the best dog foodfor pugs in the market. This writeup was made to make this whole process of searching less troublesome. So, let’s find a tasty treat for your best friend!

Top 10 Best Dog Food for Pugs Comparison Table

Pugs are a special breed of dogs,and their food needs to be unique as well. That is why we present to you ten items that are the best dog food for your pug.

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Royal Canin Dry Dog Food (For Pugs)

Purina Pro Plan Weight-Control High-Protein Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog food

Solid Gold Holistque-Blendz Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food

Wellness Natural Pet Food

Castor & Pollux Organic Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Mini Aging 12-Plus Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Low-Calorie Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet For Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food

If you are wondering what the best dog food for pugs is, then we have the perfect solution for you! Royal Canin has come up with a food that emphasizes on individual breeds, in this case, pugs. Plus, you can also serve the dish dry or wet, depending on what nutrition you want to provide to your pug.

And the custom kibble shapes provide easy chewing as well as enables the dog to pick it up with minimum effort. Furthermore, the dish contains all the necessary nutrients such as EPA and DHA, which are essential for your pug’s health. Plus, the formula provides adequate nutrition for healthy skin and wrinkles.

The Canin contains the right amount of protein for your pug’s muscle growth and also has all the essentials to maintain adequate weight for your best friend.

What i Like

  • The kibble shapes permit simple chewing and pickup
  • Contains the right amount of nutrients for your pug
  • Can be bought in a very inexpensive pricing
  • Comes with nutrition that is great for your pugs’ skin and hair

What i Don’t Like

  • Might not be tasty to your pug

This one has everything starting from protein, fat, fiber, Linoleic acid, Selenium, vitamin A and E, Ascorbic acid, and much more. In short, if you want a healthy, nutritious, and full-filling diet for your pug, you should definitely get this.

Unlike other dog food brands, this one comes with real chicken bits. Thus, it makes the food a much tastier and nutritional treat for your pug.

The Plan weighs around 34 pounds (nearly 15.44 Kg), which means there is enough food for at least two to three weeks depending on consumption. And the affordable price of the food allows you to purchase the item every time it finishes.

What i Like

  • Provides all the nutrition for your pug and has 25% less fat
  • Comes with probiotics that guarantee to enhance the digestive system
  • Each container lasts for up to 2 to 3 weeks
  • Organic chicken used in its making is a natural and clean source of protein

What i Don’t Like

  • Tastes funky for your pug when served wet

Cheap dog food that also awards the perks of those expensive ones can be tricky to find. So, to reduce the effort, we present to Hill’s Science Diet’s dry dog food. The creators of the food make the kibbles extra small, which makes it easier for your pug to chew as well as pick it up with its mouth.

In addition to the small kibbles, the dog food is packed with all the supplements for the little one. It has the perfect amount of all the nutrients that a dog needs to remain fit. Andit is an incredible choice if you are looking for a diet to maintain the pug’s weight.

What i Like

  • Comes with all the necessary nutrients
  • Has extra small kibbles, which are simpler to pick and chew
  • Perfect choice if you want your pug to lose weight
  • All-natural ingredients were used

What i Don’t Like

  • Weighs around 15.27 pounds, so the package would finish quite quickly

With the Solid Gold Dry dog food, you get a Holistque-Blendz, which comprises of oatmeal, pealed barley, and ocean fish meal. Thus, it is a great option for your pug’s digestive system. Moreover, the protein content of the food is amazing. It has an 18% protein rate, which is exceptional for your dog’s lean muscles.

By the way, the good things don’t end there. It is filled with probiotics that also help the pugs digestive system,and the ocean fish meals and salmon oil in the dog food provide the required EPA and DHA for better growth. Furthermore, the fat content is low (6%), which is perfect for keeping your pug fit.

What i Like

  • The probiotics provide beneficial bacteria and are a prominent option for sensitive stomach
  • Provides all the essential nutrients for your dogs
  • Can be used for up to 2 to 3 weeks
  • Contains Omega-6 fatty acid, which is great for your dogs’ skin and fur

What i Don’t Like

  • Not great for dogs that need a higher amount of protein in their food

Do you have a small dog like a pug, poodle, etc.? If you do, then the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet is perfect for them! The food was specially created for dogs of the smaller breed and is an ideal choice for your pug. And the ingredients in the food provide pure and natural protein sources for your little friend.

And has a protein content that comes from the lamb in the food. Also, the brown rice mixed in the dry dish gives high quality and quantity of rice, which is remarkable for digestion. And it has no corn, wheat, soy, artificial coloring, or any ingredient that could be potentially harmful to the pug.

What i Like

  • Made from completely natural ingredients
  • Contains a large mass of protein and fiber
  • No unwanted chemicals or ingredients were used in making the food
  • High-fiber content assures better digestion for your pug

What i Don’t Like

  • Can be used for a max 1 to 1.5 weeks

Wellness Food is known for making one of the best dogfoodin the market, which also means that their dog food is also top-notch. One of the primary ingredients of the dish is whitefish. As one of its key ingredients is white fish, the product has a high protein content, which is outstanding for your pug’s muscles.

Another key ingredient used in making the food is blueberry and green peas. These are rich in antioxidants, making the food also rich in oxidant,and thus, it is a magnificent option for the immune system. Lastly, flaxseed of the dish takes care of the skin and hair of your pet.

In short, the food is healthy and contains all the essentials for a fulfilling meal for your cute little friend.

What i Like

  • Improves digestive system, muscle strength, and boosts energy
  • Super option for your dog’s skin and hair
  • Smaller kibbles that enable easier chewing and pickup
  • All the nutrients come from natural sources

What i Don’t Like

  • The taste might not be that good

Buying top-quality dog foods can put a dent in your wallet, especially if it is organic. Nevertheless, Castor & Pollux’s dry dog food offers organic dog food at unbelievably reasonable pricing. The product has a protein count and is a super healthy and fulfilling meal for your pug.

Also, unlike other dog food, this one comes with probiotics as well as prebiotics that naturally enhance your best bud’s immune and digestive system. And if you are wondering if it has any unwanted chemicals, then we are glad to inform you that no chemicals, pesticides, or artificial coloring were used in its making.

What i Like

  • A high amount of protein from organic chickens
  • Has a high amount of fibers that are wonderful for the digestive system
  • Unlike conventional dog foods, you can buy this at an unbelievably inexpensive rate
  • No harmful or unwanted chemicals were used in its making

What i Don’t Like

  • The package doesn’t last for a long time so, you’d have to buy it frequently

After the age of 12, your pug’s immune system is going to be a little weak. So, feeding him/her the same dog food could be unwise. Wondering what to do? You can feed them the Age 12-Plus, which is made from completely natural and highly-nutritional ingredients.

The food is a superb option for older dogs as it has a high EPA, DHA, and other complex antioxidant counts, which is excellent for a more delicate immune system. Also, the large fatty acid count in the food helps with better hair and skin.

Furthermore, the kibbles can be eaten dry or wet. And as it can be served wet, it is easier for your older pug to effortlessly chew the content.

What i Like

  • Optimum for dogs that are 12 or above and weigh between 9 to 22 pounds
  • Can be served as wet or as dry
  • Contains all the nutrients that an older dog needs
  • Unique and smaller kibbles enable effortless chewing and pickup

What i Don’t Like

  • Shouldn’t be fed to a dog that is below the 12-year mark

Like us humans, obesity is a dangerous deal and can lead to fatal diseases for animals as well. If your dog is gaining some extra pounds even after you constantly taking him/her for a walk, then the dilemma is with its diet. The solution is Natural Balance’s low-calorie dog food.

And the food is high in protein and is an exceptional choice for building muscle. Also, if your pug is overweight, it means you have to reduce the caloric-surplus to a deficit. And with this, you can quickly achieve that.

In addition to all that, the item has a high fiber count, which makes the whole dish very fulfilling. Plus, it offers better digestion. Furthermore, you can use the product for almost 2-2.5 weeks.

What i Like

  • Has low-calorie count, which is ideal for overweight pugs
  • Provides large protein and fiber for stronger muscles and immune system
  • The item can be used for almost 2 to 2.5 weeks
  • Can be used for dogs as well as other pets such as cats

What i Don’t Like

  • Price of the product is quite high
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Your pet might be suffering from sensitive skin and hair,and one miscalculated food issue can turn the whole condition from bad to worse. Keeping that in mind, Hill’s Science Diet has come up with an excellent solution to this problem.

The thing is filled with Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids. Due to the high amount of vitamin and fatty acids present, it revitalizes your pug’s hair and skin.

Furthermore, theitem is also great for pugs or pets that have a weaker digestive system. You see, the product has an ideal amount of prebiotic fiber to prevent any chemical imbalance in the gut. Plus, the grain-free feature of the food is easy to digest and is an astounding option if you have pugs with weak digestive systems.

What i Like

  • The grain-free attribute of the food features effortless digestion
  • The high vitamin E and Omega-6 help your pet with their skin and hair problems
  • Made from completely natural ingredients
  • Can be used for at least 2 to 2.5 weeks

What i Don’t Like

  • The product is quite expensive

What to Look for before Buying

Before you jump into buying something for your dog, it is crucial that you check the dog food you are planning to purchase has everything your pug might need. Are you still confused? Here are the things you need to check:

  • Age

If your pug is young, then you have to provide it with nutritional food that will help it grow. You should look for the best dog food for pugs puppies. And for that, you need to go for a dog food that offers a high amount of protein, fibers, and other healthy features that will help it grow.

Nonetheless, if your pug is quite older, like 10-12 years old, you have to change its diet completely. You see, a 12-year-old pug has a weaker immune system,and it needs food that is easier to digest. Consequently, you need to go for a dog food item that has a higher fiber content.

In short, when you are buying dog food for your pug, age is a very dominant factor, and you have to keep that in mind before buying.

  • Easy to Eat

We all know that dogs don’t have hands and aren’t capable of picking their food up and eating. Thus, you have to be careful when choosing the kibble size. Going for a smaller kibble size is always the best option. Smaller kibbles are easy to chew,and your bud can effortlessly pick it up.

In addition to that, opting for a larger kibble size for your pug can be fatal. A larger kibble is not only tricky to chew but more troublesome to swallow and could potentially choke your pet. So, we suggest you always go for the smaller ones.

  • Caloric Count

Just like humans, dogs also face a lot of issues when they become obese, especially for pugs. A big cute pug indeed seems adorable, but it is very harmful to them. On the other hand, pugs tend to gain much quickly compared to the other breed and don’t lose the extra pounds even if you take it for a walk daily.

So, in addition to physical exercise, your pug needs a healthy diet. By a healthy diet, we mean nutritional food that has a low caloric amount (only if your pug is obese).

And if it is underweight, your pug needs a caloric surplus. Therefore, just like humans, you need to carefully calculate the macros of your best friend to keep them healthy.

  • Ingredients

Arguably, this is the most crucial factor that you have to check when you are purchasing dog food for your pug. When you are buying dog food, flip the package, and all the ingredients should be written on the back.

If your dog is young, make sure that the ingredients show a high amount of proteins, fibers, and fatty acids for better growth. On the other hand, senior pugs need ingredients that are much more uncomplicated to digest. Thus, make sure the dog food brand you are going for has all the essentials you are looking for.

N.B Avoid dog foods that have chocolate, fatty meat, and such stuff. These are very harmful to a dog.

How to Feed Your Pug

Feeding your furry friend is a very simple task. On the contrary, feeding him the right amount can be the tricky business.

  • Step 1 (Knowing What to Feed Your Pug)

Pugs are very active! They will jump around your whole house excitedly, so you must give them the right amount of energy to be themselves! One great advice is that you go for a dog food that has an abundant amount of protein. Pugs thrive in high protein diets.

Nevertheless, going for a high protein diet does not mean you should avoid the rest. Your pug needs the right amount of Omega fatty acid for its skin and hair, good fat for development. Therefore, it needs vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for a stronger immune and digestive system.

All these might seem confusing, so a simple way is keeping track of the macros in your phone and providing 50 calories per pound of the pug in 24 hours.

  • Step2 (Feeding)

This part is the easiest and probably one of the cutest! Pugs are big eaters for their size. Therefore, one thing that you must establish is a strict eating-time. By doing this, you will be preventing your pug from overeating and gaining unwanted weight.

Despite that, if your pug is young, then it has to eat more. Your baby pug might need to eat up to 3 times a day. Make sure that you provide enough of the nutrition for it to grow strong and healthy.

However, if it is on the senior end of the age spectrum, then you have to make sure that it is not eating too much! From the age of 10, you should be providing the right amount of calories,and you should be providing food that is less troublesome to digest.

Now, the best way to feed them is by pouring the dog food in a particular bowl. Before you serve it, make sure you have measured it and know the total amount of calories the serving has. After that, place the pug and watch them eat. After he or she is done, serve another bowl full of water.

If your pug is older, you can wet the bowl by adding a little bit of water to that. By adding water, you make it easier for the older pug to chew.

  • Step3 (Ask the Professionals if Needed)

Finding the right amount of calories for your little friend is not always simple, and you can make a mistake. Nevertheless, your simple mistake could be quite costly to your friend. So, if you start seeing some abnormal changes, ask the vet’s help immediately.

One more thing, if you are planning to change your dog food brand, you need to do it carefully. Start by adding very tiny amounts of food with the old brand. And then gradually increase the amount of the new brand until your pug becomes accustomed to the new taste and starts enjoying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the best dog foods for your pug:

  • How many calories is ideal for a pug? 

Experts have stated that a pug should receive 50 calories times the weight of the pug (in pounds).

  • What are the foods that I should avoid feeding my pug?

Pugs should never be fed chocolates, fatty meat, dairy, garlic and onions, salty foods, raw meat, raw fish, raw eggs, candies and jelly-like food, grapes, raisins, and avocado.

  • How often should one feed their pug? 

Well, that depends completely on the pug’s age. If your pug is in the growing stage, then he/she should be receiving at least 3 meals a day. On the other hand, if your pug is in its prime or is old, then you need to reduce the amount to two meals a day (each of the meals has to have at least 18% of all nutrients).

  • What is the ideal weight for your pug? 

Pugs have an average weight that varies from 14 to 18 pounds (for both males and females). Hence, as long as your pet is within this range, it is safe.

  • Is it necessary to check the formula before buying it? 

Yes, it is!

Final Words

When you are buying dog food for your best mate (your pet pug), we know that you want the best. And that is why we have provided you a list containing the best dog food for pugs. We assure you that all of these are 100% safe,andit is delicious as well as a healthy treat for your mate.

And we hope you are now able to find out the finest dog food for your beloved pug!