Top 15 Best Dog Lotion for Dry Skin | Dog Skin Health Care Reviews

Your dog is no exception to skin issues, just like us. Have you ever tried to give your pet moisturizer or lotion to reduce itchiness and dryness of the skin? You will see that the dog will lick the topical treatment within a few seconds. It’s not that you cannot use lotion for the dog’s skin; but, the lotion has to be 100% pet-safe.

Best Dog Lotion For Dry Skin

Using the best dog lotion for dry skin, itchiness, infections, or chronic wounds is an effective home-remedy whether it’s summer, spring, or winter.

Finding the right dog-safe lotion can be overwhelming if you don’t want to pay a vet for prescribing it. Here are the top 15 recommendations from different vets to rely on.

15 Best Dog Lotion for Dry Skin Reviews

Consider the skin issue that your dog is going through and pick one among these products. You will get much better results than other suggestions.




Natural Dog Company – Skin Soother – Organic, All-Natural Healing Balm

BotaniVetKeraSnout Organic Pet Balm – for Dry and Cracked Noses and Paw Pads

DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion

Herbaderm Dog Skin Soother Lotion for the Treatment of Paw

Espree Moisturizing and Protecting Paw Balm for Dogs

Anicura Natural Spray for Dogs with Skin Allergies, Itchy Skin, Hot Spots or Eczema

Pawlife Dog Paw Balm for Dry Cracked Paws

4Legger Certified Organic Nose & Paw Pad healing Balm

Chisoft Unique Dog Paw Protective Balm Tin

Baely’s Paw Shield Dog Paw Balm

Coconut Oil for Dogs Alpha Pet Zone

VetPro Complete 100% Natural Vet Formulated Paw and Nose Balm Wax

Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter

Fur Goodness Sake All Natural Dog Paw and Nose Balm

Pawstruck Organic Nose & Paw Wax Balm for Dogs

Apart from just dry skin issues, this organic balm can be a great remedy for your dog to treat fungal and bacterial infections, rashes, wounds, burns, and many skin related discomforts.

Made of 100% organic and vegan ingredients, you can rely on this herb balm. For the sake of your furry friend, it doesn’t have any fumes or fragrance whatsoever. It’s made of cocoa butter, almond oil, lavender, chamomile, and has Vitamin E.

The cream can treat skin problems as well as infections very quickly while reducing scarring. Even if the dog licks after you apply it on the skin, it will not cause further health issues at all.

You need to apply the balm on the dog’s skin by gently rubbing the area 1-3 times a day. If your pet is going through any fungal or bacterial infection, apply it more frequently for better results. Apply right before mealtime to keep the dog busy having food and giving less chance of licking the ointment.

What i Like

  • Heals skin issues including infections
  • Very effective antibacterial and antifungal cream
  • Made of all organic and vegan ingredients
  • Can be used for various skin issues

What i Don’t Like

  • Takes time to heal
  • A bit pricey

If your dog is undergoing dry or cracked nose, feet, skin, paw pads, and other dry skin issues, this organic pet balm can be very effective at soothing those sadnesses.

These issues are quite painful and make your pet feel discomfort, which can lead to bleeding as well. Using this balm can reduce these skin problems and make the dog feel much more comfortable. It also works as a great preventative against feet and pad irritation in winter, paw burnings in summer.

The balm is formulated by veterinary dermatologists with all organic ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, rosemary extract, and hemp seed oil. More importantly, the skin will get Vitamin D, which is a must to make the skin smoother and healthy.

As there is no harmful chemical used in the balm, you can rest assured that even if the dog licks it, there will be no consequences whatsoever.

You can confidently use the cream no matter whatever breed your dog belongs to. This works exceptionally well for English and French bulldogs, boxers, and pugs. These breeds are most prone to dry nose irritations. Also, if your dog runs a lot, this balm can be a great protection for those sensitive paws.

What i Like

  • Effectively treats cracked nose and paw pads
  • Great preventive cream for all seasonal skin problems
  • Made of non-toxic organic ingredients
  • Treats nasal hyperkeratosis with great results

What i Don’t Like

  • Takes time to heal the cracks

Just like us, dogs face various skin diseases that make them feel very uncomfortable. Thankfully, this topical lotion is something that can relieve skin problems such as irritations, yeast, dermatitis, allergies, dry skin, scaly skin, and dandruff.

The lotion is formulated with aloe vera and Vitamin E to heal from the deepest layer of your dog’s skin. It also includes sulfur that works as a tonic to reduce itching as well as flaking to heal dandruff and dermatitis issues. The antifungal and antibacterial properties make it the best lotion for dry skin on dogs.

Even though you can smell sulfur a bit, there are no artificial fumes or ingredients whatsoever. The dog will do fine even if it licks some of the lotions.

However, it’s important that the lotion stays on the infected area for longer. You can apply it just before mealtime to make the dog forget about the lotion, or cover the area with a piece of cloth or a t-shirt or sock to make sure it stays for a longer period.

The lotion comes very effective for horses and cats as well.

What i Like

  • Very effective to treat skin irritation, dermatitis, and dandruff
  • Heals from the deepest layer of the skin
  • Reduces itching
  • Fumes and toxic-free

What i Don’t Like

  • Smell isn’t good

Most herb-based ointments don’t seem to work much effectively as chemical-based ones. But, this one is an exception to that. Even though the lotion is made of 99% herbal extract, it comes withe very effect on healing discomforts of your furry friend’s skin problems.

During winter, it’s very common in dogs to have cracked or dry noses and skin, which feels painful. In some cases, it causes bleeding if the crack is too severe. Applying this Herbaderm lotion a few times per day will cure the irritation and heal the skin within the shortest possible time.

Apart from that, you can use it to treat skin allergy, infection, fold and paw rashes, bleeding, and many other common skin issues in horses, cats, and dogs. The ointment also works great on pigs and hamsters to treat their skin irritation discomforts.

If you are concerned with the ingredients that this lotion is made of,then let us tell you that it’s formulated with sage, polygonum, mugwort, myrtle, and other medicinal plants with high quantities of extraction.

What i Like

  • Treats skin irritation and cracking with great care
  • Herb extracted, yet highly effective at healing
  • Heals other skin related issues
  • Quickly treats itching
  • Can be used on horses, cats, hamsters, and pigs also

What i Don’t Like

  • Comes in a tube

Dry skin is something that pretty much all dogs and cats have to experience, especially during winter. As we use moisturizers to keep our skin soft and moist, you can use this balm on your dog’s paw to keep it smooth, soft, and moist. 

Once you apply this on the paw, you will find the dog very cooperative to let you apply it again. It will reduce the discomfort and pain, and maintain softness throughout the season if you regularly use it.

Made of organic extracts such as lanolin, beeswax, aloe oil, sweet almond oil, peel oil, and Vitamin E, it will not cause chemical irritation for the furry buddy. Unlike conventional ones, there is no artificial fumes and harmful chemicals used to formulate the balm that makes the vets prescribe it to heal skin dryness in pets.

Apart from conditioning and protecting the paws, the balm works great on elbow joints as well. If you are looking for the best cream for dog dry skin, it’s worth giving it a try.

What i Like

  • Great moisturizer for dry skin
  • Softens the paw
  • Protects elbow joints
  • Organically extracted ingredients

What i Don’t Like

  • Makes the paws slippery

Spring increases the allergies in dogs as well. But, your buddy no longer needs to suffer such discomfort when you have this natural dog spray. It doesn’t require you to rub it on the dog skin, and it’s far more convenient to use than typical balms and lotions.

The spray is formulated with natural finest oils, minerals, and vitamins. Organic healing ingredients such as aloe vera, olive, rosemary, lavender, sweet almond, etc. extractions are much safer. It’s safe for the dog to lick the area after you apply this spray.

If your dog is suffering from itchiness, skin irritation, eczema, hot spots, allergies, and skin conditions, this spray will quickly calm its skin. There will be a noticeable lesser itching and scratching cycle from your dog within a short time. The entire healing process will be much easier for the dog if you use the spray regularly.

Depending on the condition, consider applying the spray 3 to 4 times a day. Reduce the frequency when the inflammation, as well as the symptoms, are subsided. You need to continue applying the spray 2 to 3 times per week on the dog’s skin to make sure the issues don’t come back within a short period.

What i Like

  • Easy to spray therapy
  • Quickly comforts itching
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Great at reducing allergies, irritation, itching

What i Don’t Like

  • Requires frequent use

All-purpose balms don’t seem to work much effectively at healing dry noses and cracked paws. This one is specially made for treating such conditions. Without any synthetic additives, you can make the furry-friend calm by applying this protectant balm.

Whether it’s snow, salt, or heat that your dog has to step on, there will be no more cracked paws once you use this on the sensitive paws of the pet. Only a thin layer of this cream can keep the paws and noses well-moisturized throughout the winter. You can confidently go for a walk with your buddy after applying it on the paws.

The cream is made of natural cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil to ensure the paw or nose doesn’t irritate due to chemical side-effects. Even though it has a pleasing warm vanilla scent, it’s not harmful to pets. It doesn’t make the paws sticky neither it makes the floor too greasy to walk on.

You can use the balm for both healing and protective purposes. Use it to heal the cracked pad and paws, and also for keeping it moisturized to prevent further cracking even in harsh weather conditions.

What i Like

  • Effectively heals cracked paws and dry noses
  • Pleasant smell
  • No harmful chemical
  • Not too greasy or sticky

What i Don’t Like

  • Hard to rub gently on the paws

Here’s another healing balm for cracked nose and paw on the list. What differs this balm from conventional ones is that it’s not petroleum-based. Still, you will notice an impressive improvement to the paw condition as well as the dry nose.

Cracked paw is something that most likely happens during winter; but, some dogs suffer from it even in summer as well, depending on their outdoor activity. No matter what, this natural ointment can heal the roughness and cracks that are on the paws of your dog.

You can even use it as a preventive balm before going out in winter. Whether it’s ice or salt, the sensitive paws of your buddy will be well-protected and soft.

This natural moisturizer has vegan wax that nourishes and protects the nose and snout elbow of your dog as well. The balm is formulated from hemp oil, calendula, she a butter, carnauba wax, and moisturizing vitamins. So, you don’t need to worry about any chemical ingredients whatsoever.

It’s one of those organic balms for dogs that got USDA certification to be safe to use on pets. Don’t worry if the dog licks it after you apply it on the paws.

What i Like

  • Great cracked paw healing and protecting balm
  • Made of organic ingredients
  • Better results at treating hyperkeratosis, folliculitis, alopecia
  • Keeps the paws and nose soft throughout the year

What i Don’t Like

  • A bit pricey, considering the quantity

If your dog is suffering from injured or cracked paws, this protective balm can soothe the discomfort that the buddy is going through. Even though it seems the paws can still take roughness of the road and other surfaces, it becomes very painful for the dog. But, outdoor activity will no longer be painful after you use it.

Whether it’s snow, wet mud, hot sand, rocks, concrete pavement burn, orunderwater hydration, this unique balm can handle these situations for your dog. It repairs the cracks by nourishing with its all-natural healing ingredients.

You can also use it as a great protective and moisturizing cream for the dog regardless of the weather.

This 100% natural plant-based balm is formulated with sunflower, coconut, carnauba, candelilla, lavender, and beeswax that work great for healing and conditioning sensitive paws and noses. It quickly relieves from uncomfortable itching as well.

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to a vet; use this for a few days, and you will see the difference.

What i Like

  • Made of 100% natural healing ingredients
  • Repairs and protects cracked paws and nose throughout the year
  • Works as a great moisturizer
  • Quick relief from itching

What i Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t treat itching as advertised

Your dog doesn’t have to feel discomfort with the cracked paw when you introduce him/her to this paw balm. Made of natural and premium ingredients, this balm is something you can blindly rely on.

As dogs tend to crack their paws in both winter and summer, you can smartly handle the damage and prevent it further from happening with this product. Applying it before going for a walk during hot summer will protect the sensitive paws from hot concrete pavements and other surfaces.

During winter, it not only cracks but also feels quite painful for the dog. Frozen ground, snow, ice, salt, etc. severely damage the paws. The balm can repair the cracks and support the healing process within a very short period.

Made of all-natural ingredients such as plant butter, natural beeswax, etc.,these natural ingredients come every effective at healing and keeping the paws properly moisturized in both hot and cold weather.

Unlike conventional balms, it doesn’t make the floors stain. It stays solid at room temperature. So, even if the dog walks on the floor after applying the balm, you can easily wipe it, even from carpets.

What i Like

  • Great results for healing and protecting the pads
  • Made of premium natural ingredients
  • Protects throughout the year
  • Doesn’t stain, easily wipeable from floors

What i Don’t Like

  • Hard to apply due to its hardness

Whether your pet is suffering from itchy skin, dry elbows, nose, and paws, this ointment can be an effective solution to all these skin issues. Unlike conventional ones, the moisturizing balm can heal itching, fungus, yeast, and other similar problems much quicker.

The balm works by leaving a soft hydration layer that nourishes the sensitive skin of your dog and provides a positive result within a short time. You will also find it healing rashes and hot spots, and reducing discomfort without using any chemical substances.

A number of pet owners also reported the balm to be great at treating dandruff and irritation issues as well. You can repair the skin damages that the dog is going through and further nourish the skin to keep it well-moisturized regardless of the weather.

The balm is made of 100% raw, organic, virgin coconut oil, which is pet-friendly. It smells so pleasant, and you can even feed it to your pet as an MCT brain superfood that helps digestive function.

If you have other pets in the house, such as cats, rabbits, you can also use it to treat dryness and itchiness of them as well.

What i Like

  • Excellent repairing and nourishing results
  • Treats a wide variety of skin problems
  • Can be used as a brainfood or toothpaste for pets
  • Made of 100% organic coconut oil
  • Has a pleasant smell

What i Don’t Like

  • Makes quite a mess

Formulated by a professional veterinarian with 30 years of experience, this balm wax is something that you can rely on blindly for dealing with discomforts that your dog is going through. Be it dry skin, cracked nose, paw pads, or other skin issues, you will find this product very effective at healing such diseases.

When you apply it on the skin of your dog, the balm makes a protective layer on the skin, whether it’s paws or noses, and moisturizes those areas to protect from heat, cold, and salt surfaces. Your dog no longer will suffer from painful cracked paw pads or extremely dry nose.

The balm is made of organic and natural ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe vera, and Vitamin E to keep the skin well-moisturized and nourished throughout the year. Apply it before you go out for walks; it will take care of the paw pads of your furry friend.

As there is no petroleum, mineral oil, fumes, and fragrances used on this balm, it’s 100% safe for the dog, even safe to lick.

What i Like

  • Heals dry and cracked paws as well as noses
  • Pet-friendly natural ingredients
  • Keeps the skin well-moisturized
  • Great protection in both summer and winter

What i Don’t Like

  • Hard to clean from floors

Dryness in paw pads and nose causes cracks in most cases if the dryness isn’t properly conditioned with moisturizer. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your dog, Pet Head introduces you with a butter-like balm that protects the sensitive skin in both summer and winter seasons.

Even if the paw pads of the buddy are already cracked, this paw butter can repair and heal it without taking too much time. Continue to use it to keep the paws well-moisturized before you go out.

The paw butter also takes care of the nose as well. Whether the issue is with extremely dry or cracked nose, it will provide proper conditioning when you apply it. Plus, your dog will surely love how this balm smells.

Made of all-natural soothing ingredients such as shea butter, oatmeal, mango, coconut oil, aloe vera, Vitamin E and F, you can rely on this to be dog-friendly. The natural healing power of these ingredients works great at treating dry cracked paws and noses compared to its competitors.

What i Like

  • Very effective at relieving cracked paws and noses
  • Power of natural ingredients keeps the applied areas well-moisturized
  • Pleasant smell
  • Protection against harsh weather

What i Don’t Like

  • Stains a lot

Compared to other lotions, creams, or balms, this one from Fur Goodness Sake works exceptionally faster to treat dry skin and damages. Unlike conventional ones, it’s a water-based serum that starts working instantly to heal, wound, and inflammation with better results.

The balm instantly penetrates deeper to start the healing process. Within a very short time, you will notice the results in your buddy.

Apart from healing wounds, it also works great at healing cracked paws and noses. Your dog’s pads and nose will be enough-moisturized for longer to protect from seasonal damages as well.

Although it works intensely faster, it’s made of organic Abyssinian oil, bamboo, and kale extract. These ingredients are found in expensive cosmetics of famous brands. It’s safe for pets; thus, you have no reason to worry any longer.

Due to its ultra-lightweight water-based serum, there will be no stains on floors and carpets whatsoever. Compared to typical balms, it’s much easier to apply and requires no hard rubbing.

What i Like

  • Ultra-lightweight water-based easy to apply balm
  • Quickly heals wounds and skin damages
  • Retains moisture better
  • Organic and safe extracts

What i Don’t Like

  • Requires to use more

As we feel uncomfortable when our skin dries, lips or feet crack, similar to us, our dogs also suffer from the same discomfort during winter.

Their nose, paw pads, elbow, etc. sensitive areas dry and feel pain in some cases. If you are looking for a non-toxic balm to soothe such discomforts and heal the irritations, this can be an ideal one to pick.

Like most products on the list, it also effectively repairs the skin, hot spots, paw pads, noses, and elbow damages. The balm moisturizes the skin very well and leaves a nourishing coat that further protects from winter damages.

For quick relief from itching and irritations, it also works much better than most conventional products. Applying it before going for walking will give you the confidence to freely step onto ice and snow with the dog.

To make the balm dog friendly, it’s formulated with organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, jojoba wax, Vitamin E, etc. natural and chemical-free ingredients. Don’t panic if your dog licks the balm after you apply it on its skin. Distract the dog with some treat or activity to make the balm stay longer.

What i Like

  • Treats dry skin, irritation, and hot spots
  • Quick relief from itching
  • Made of organic ingredients
  • Handles allergic issues as well

What i Don’t Like

  • Leaves stain marks on floors and carpets

What to Look for Before Buying?

Although it’s not a big investment, still, you need to be careful and consider a few things before choosing a lotion or balm for your dog. If you get the wrong one, which is not pet friendly, it can even worsen the skin irritation or whatever issue the dog is suffering from.

Make Sure It’s Pet-Friendly

It’s most likely that when you apply the lotion or balm on the skin of your dog, he/she will lick that area, and if that thing isn’t pet-friendly, you are to except more consequences. Also, getting a chemically formulated lotion can make the skin issue even worse.

Therefore, be sure to check whether the product is recommended by the vet or not. It would be best to check the customer reviews whether the balm suits dogs or it’s the opposite case.

Quick Healing vs. Nourishing

Not all the lotions heal the irritation or damage fast. If the paw pads or nose of your dogs cracked or the skin itches too much that it turned into reddish color, then make sure you get a product that can soothe the discomfort faster.

However, if it’s for regular day to day protection and there is no real damage yet on the skin, you can buy a balm that heals slowly.

Skin Issues

As dogs face several skin diseases like us, there are lotions and balms that offer relief from several skin problems. However, getting an all-purpose lotion isn’t a good idea if the dog is suffering from one or two particular skin issues.

If the dog is not comfortable with its extremely dry skin, get an ointment that is more effective at moisturizing the dryness.

Similarly, products that are good at treating dry skin don’t seem to heal cracked paw pads or noses. In this case, make sure the balm you get primarily focuses on making the paws and noses soft and keep them well-moisturized.

There are lotions that do a great job of treating fungal and bacterial irritation as well as allergies. These lotions also work well to heal itching issues.


Dogs face different skin problems in different seasons. Summer makes the nose extremely dry due to living in an air-conditioned room. Springtime triggers allergies, and winter cracks the paw pads severely.

The good news is, there are some products that you can use to tackle the dry nose of summer, allergies of fall, and cracks of the winter season. These all seasonal products will repair, heal, protect, nourish, and condition the skin of your dog throughout the year.


There are some versatile usage moisturizing lotions or balms that you can use on other pets such as cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, etc. You can even use it on your skin as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I use lotion on my dog?

Technically yes; but, you cannot use the one you use on your skin. Dog lotions need to be free of harmful chemicals. There are dog-free lotions that are made of natural organic ingredients that don’t cause further skin irritation issues for dogs.

2.How can I soothe my dog’s itchy skin?

Make a mixture of 1:1 apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray it on the itching spot to reduce the discomfort. You can also soak the paws in the solution if there is any need.

3.Can I put coconut oil on my dog?

You can use extra virgin coconut oil to treat skin issues of your dog. This oil is safer for dogs to lick.

4.What lotion is good for a dog’s dry skin?

Lotions that contain shea butter, beeswax, lavender, cacao oil, olive oil, etc. natural ingredients, are good for treating dog’s dry skin.

5.How can I treat my dog’s dermatitis at home?

Avoid serving meals in plastic food dishes. Don’t use tea tree oil to condition the skin of your dog. You can add a complete virgin oil to its diet. Try oatmeal bath to soothe itchiness. Consider wiping allergens off the skin. You can apply baby oil with water and Listerine to treat hot spots.

Final Words

The best dog lotion for dry skin can effectively repair and heal skin irritation, hot spots, itching, and more similar symptoms. However, if you use the lotion regularly throughout the year, it will protect your pet from such discomfort to happen regardless of the seasons.