10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cat Proof Carpet

A cat is more than a family member for their owner. They are amazing, but sometimes their wickedness goes beyond tolerance. A few days ago I went to visit a relative’s house. I didn’t know they have a pet kitten. When I looked at their carpet, I became sure.

cat proof carpet

 Do you wonder how I understood? I saw some scratches of claws on it. Its hairball was all around the carpet. Moreover, a bad smell also came from it.

What should you do if you love both cats and beautiful decorations for your home? You don’t have to worry now. A cat-proof carpet can solve most of the problems of a cat owner. Your cat will find comfort in walking, playing, and sleeping if you choose a pet-friendly rug. You also have to make less effort to maintain it.

This article comes with some suggestions for choosing a cat- friendly carpet. You will also have some tips about how you will take care of the floorings.

How will you choose a cat- friendly carpet?

If you are a cat owner, you have to bear in mind a couple of things before choosing a carpet. The following instructions will guide you in this regard.

1. Avoid looped carpet

A looped carpet looks better in decoration. But it is not suitable for your home if you have a pet. The design can create an obstacle to your cat’s claws. He will find it playful and quickly pull up the coils. Loosen threads will make your carpet look messy.

Cut pile won’t create this type of problem. It holds up better than looped carpet. If your pet scratches there, it won’t look defective. Yet, for more safety, you can use a cat-proof carpet protector in your doorway. They leave the marks of claws more in front of a closed door.

2. Choose the carpet color that matches the cat

The color trick will make your carpet look less dirty. It’s wise to choose a shade for your carpet that hides pet accidents and your cat’s hair. Generally, a solid color highlights the dust. Avoid those tones. Choose a mid to darker shade.

Again, light color pet hair is more visible on too dark carpeting. Go for something deeper than regular light beige. Multi-colored carpet also hides the dust. Again it will make the room stylish. It will be the best idea if you choose the carpet’s color that matches your pet. It will easily cover the hair. You don’t have to vacuum near as much to get rid of the cat’s fur. Yet, you have to continue regular cleaning during the shedding season.

3. Ensure the quality of your carpet

It will be a wastage of money if your carpet doesn’t last long. Choose the fiber that has the most durability and also comfortable. Stain-resistance in carpet is also essential for a cat owner. Mud and urine are two main strain problems that come with your furry friend.

Carpet with polypropylene material is stain-resistant. Nylon fiber has this element. It seems to be the most durable and one of the best cat proof carpets. It won’t pull every time your pet leaves scratches. Moreover, it is easy to clean. Polyester is also one of the most durable fibers. It’s color fades after using many years.

How will you take care of a carpet?

Maintaining a carpet is more complicated than choosing one. Only taking care of the flooring won’t keep it durable and hard-wearing. You have to pay attention to your cat too. Here are some instructions that you can follow to take care of your carpet.

1. Vacuum frequently

If you are a pet owner, you have to be very clean. Less or more, all cats shed fur. They also eat here and there. Thus your furry friend always makes the floor dirty. You may have a family member who has an allergy to these types of dust. He may become sick from living in a dirty house.

Do vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week. Move your furniture and thoroughly clean those areas once a week. On an annual basis, you will have to do it with the help of professionals. It will make the carpet last longer. If you don’t do vacuum regularly, your carpet will get weighed down. Moreover, you will have a pet odor to it.

2. Keep the claws short

The long nails of your pet are the main reason for your carpet’s damage. Your pet will play all around the floor and leave spots with their long claws. You can’t stop them from scratching as it helps to grow healthy nails.

You need to trim your pet’s nail if you don’t want any spot of their scratches. Use a pet nail file on them after cutting. It will make their nails smooth, and they won’t leave any mark of their scratches.

You can also go for another option. Train them as sisal carpet cats. The jute is often used as a cat’s scratching block. Cover the area with a sisal carpet where they spend most of the time. You will see them playing and scratching all the time with it. Thus they won’t harm other areas.

3. Clean quickly

Though you have a pet-proof carpet, it will have stains in it for not cleaning the cat’s dirt quickly. Even a potty-trained cat makes toileting accidents on the flooring. You have to clean it the moment you see it. Otherwise, the stains won’t remove easily. It will also create a bad smell. You will find cleaning products available in the market. They have unique formulas for instant clean-up jobs.


A carpet adds extra artistry to your home decoration. Many cat owners sacrifice their love to adorn their house with such things for their cats. People also have an idea that a cat owner’s home is never clean.

Choose a cat-proof carpet and take care of it following the above instructions. It will solve most of your cat-related problems. Besides, it will show your guests that you pay attention to every element of your house. Do love your pets and your home.

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