Do Rats Eat Cat Food

Do Rats Eat Cat Food? Is it a good diet for them?

Many people may not prefer to pet a cat & mice together because they don’t get along, causing any mishap at home anytime, but some people sometimes take the risk. However, those who pet both sometimes have a question that do rats eat cat food or not & many more.

My professor used to pet both domestic rats & cats at a time & once I saw him giving the rats a tiny amount of cat food, I immediately asked him was that okay? He said that it’s a temporary diet & the rats shouldn’t be fed cat foods quite often.

Anyway, let’s start reading the article to know if it’s safe to give rats cat foods & other factors & queries regarding this matter.

Can Rats Have Cat Foods at Home?

The answer will be yes, the mice or rats can have cat foods sometimes, but it should be in a small quantity; however, it should not be too often. You can serve a tiny amount of cat food to the rats if you have nothing else left at home for feeding them; thus, they won’t be hungry for some time, but it’s temporary.

You may ask why cat food is not appropriate for rats & the reasons to keep them away from these sorts of diet. Let’s make a list of reasons why you should keep your cat food away from the pet rats at your home:

  1. First of all, cat food contains a massive amount of fat that is not good for rats or that much dietary fat is not allowed for mice.
  2. Secondly, they may contain a lot of protein that rats can’t efficiently digest because the pet rats’ digestive system is more sensitive than the wild or street ones.
  3. Thirdly, frequent cat food intake may cause some vitamin deficiencies in a rat’s body, which won’t be good eventually.
  4. Lastly, some pet mice with a sensitive stomach may even have diarrhea if they somehow eat excessive cat foods; therefore, you must be careful.

However, you have enough reasons to keep your rats away from the cat food; moreover, you may see a great clash inside your house if your cat sees the rats having their food.

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How to Keep Mice or Even Other Creatures Away from Cat Foods?

Well, when you’re petting cat & rats together, you must know how to keep rats away from cat food because it’s necessary for all of your pets at home; let’s see how easily you can protect cat foods from rats.

  1. Well, you should keep the cat food sealed if it’s canned, obviously, or even you’re storing it somewhere else, but how will you seal it? Please close the container with hard metal because no matter how strong teeth mice have, they can’t break the metal seal.
  2. Another effective way to keep rats away from the things you want, including cat food, is spreading naphthalene near the areas you have saved the food. It is because rats can’t tolerate the smell of chemicals (harsh or light), including naphthalene; it will work indeed.
  3. Please never leave cat foods uncovered or unattended because rats quickly get attracted to the smell & you all know rats chew almost everything in front of them, but all of them are not edible.
  4. Feed the cats & rats in separate rooms so that the smaller ones don’t come across the cat food & eat them; that’s how you may keep them away from each other.

If you stay a little conscious, you can prevent your rats from eating the cat food & it’s for their betterment.

What Is the Appropriate Diet for a Pet Rat?

If you’re petting a rat, you should know what a rat should eat because that’s how you can make those pets survive; however, let’s see what nutrients should be in a rat’s diet & which food items can ful fill them:

  • First of all, there should be plenty of high-value protein in a rat’s diet because its body needs them; slight deficiency can create a big problem in its body.
  • Please ensure that the fat content is limited in a rat’s daily diet; it will be harmful otherwise.
  • Feed your pet rats vitamin dense food because their bodies need different types of vitamins for surviving.

Let’s check the foods that are healthy for mice:

  1. Some cereals, such as oats, brown rice
  2. Seasonal fruits & vegetables (citrus) without peels
  3. Special rat nuggets
  4. Small beans & seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, pistachios)
  5. Meat particles in a small quantity
  6. Eggs, etc.

Moreover, you must know which foods rats should avoid:

  1. Sugar items
  2. Caffeine
  3. Raw beans
  4. Some raw green vegetables
  5. Chocolates
  6. Fruit peels

If you want to know the required dietary suggestions for a pet rat, you can follow the given list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Rats Eat Cat Foods That Are Wet?

Yes, it’s a rat’s habit to taste or eat everything in front of him, & it never leaves cat food as well, no matter if it’s dry or wet.

What Is the Difference Between a Wild Mouse & Pet Rat’s Diet?

Well, a wild one is used to have anything outside or inside, but a pet one is quite delicate & it can’t digest everything; therefore, you should never compare a pet rat with a street or wild one & maintain the suggested foods.

What Foods Can Kill a Rat Instantly?

Some raw beans, green potatoes, bitter seeds, & some toxic foods that can even be harmful to humans can be more vulnerable to rats, instantly killing them.

Can Rats Eat Bananas?

Yes, rats can have bananas if they are yellow or ripe, but it’s better not to give them the green ones because they can be reactive to their bodies.


You may have understood that what foods are suitable for rats though the answer to do rats eat cat foods is yes; however, petting rats & cats together is not that challenging how much it seems. Anyway, if you’re thinking of petting both rats & cats, you’re good to go ahead because knowing their food habits is vital.

Enjoy parenting the animals inside your house & be watchful to each of them; it will undoubtedly take not much time or energy of yours.






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