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Are you having a pet dog and looking for good quality food for it? If you’re new to petting, you may not know, but you may know about canned food; the game Fallout-4 has the same features. However, there are many formats available for Fallout 4-Canned Dog food.

When I used to playFallout 4, I searched for canned food for the dog, but I didn’t know where to get it. Moreover, I had to ensure that my dog is getting the necessary energy from its meal and accompanying well because that was the best companion I can have.

Isn’t it good to know the proper content, availability, and different types of this food? So, let’s not waste our time and find out about the item in Fallout-4.

Do You Know What is Fallout 4-Canned Dog Food?

You may know that dogs are fond of meat, and they need protein supplements more for their proper nutrition. Therefore, you can have either pedigree for your pet, buy canned meat, or prepare them at home; you can see the same in the game too.

You have to unlock and rescue dogs from various locations; moreover, the processes will reward you with several points. The dog meat should be near the spot; the character you’re playing has to kill the imposters and immediately find out the canned food for the dogs.

You have to gather more and more scores to survive in this gameplay; the rescuing process will add more points, but the canned foods reduce the dog’s hunger to 6-points (in the survival mode).

Let’s discuss some of the significant types of dog food available in the game; the names usually vary due to places.

  • Fallout-4 Softshell Mirelurk Meat

Softshell is a place where you have to kill the mirelurks, especially the queens; however, there is no specific spot to find the meat. As much as you kill those, you will have more chances to encounter cats and cages besides food.

You can only have the meat; the essential companions may come across to you at the beginning of the game. Your only task is to survive and not getting killed besides attacking the mirelurks; you should take an axe, bags, etc., to break the cages and collect the meats and eggs.

  • Fallout-4 Radroach Meat

When you have reached the Wasteland Bestiary, your dog will accompany you there; you must face the massive insects called radroaches. However, you have to find the shelves where you will get the meat cans; collect them as soon as possible.

Moreover, you may find some intact cans on the secondary locations, such as the outhouses; you can get help with the maps. So, point out the possible places where you have to look for the items in your collection.

  • Fallout-4 Brahmin Meat

You can either kill the two-headed cows to consume the Brahmin meat; you can find the cattle in the Finch Farm. It’s better to cook the meat because it may cause radiation damage when you kill the animals with your gun; it’s edible for both dogs and yourself.

However, you can also find them rarely in the meat bags during some occasions near super mutant camps. Moreover, if you want to get the canned version for your dog, you may purchase it from a seller called Polly in the Diamond City’s butcher shop (Choice Chops).

  • Fallout-4 Sting wing Meat

That’s another dog food, which is edible for you to boost energy; moreover, it can also repair the cages used in Wasteland camp or workshop. Surprisingly, you have to collect the meats by killing the Sting wings; the foods come out after tearing the creatures’ heads, legs, or tails.

They are available near an amusement park (Nuka-World) and Galactic Zone, but you can also find them near traders and camps. The difference between collecting and buying them is you have to spend some bucks to purchase them; on the other hand, you can achieve points by gaining.

Check the List of Available Dog Meat in Fallout-4 

Available Meat for Dogs (Cans)

Place of Collection 

7-food cans for 3-companion dogs named Alissa, Kyle, & Kate.

Elevated Southeast highway of Jamaicanbare area.

6-cans in a bus, and 4-cans inside the main building’s shelf.

The Slog, near the Northeast, collapsed road.

5-cans of dog foods available in a house.

At the Finch Farm, probably near the house bookshelf.

Five dog food cans (meat)

Sandy Coves Convalescent Home’s kitchen

4-food cans for dogs

Drumlin Diner in Salem, maybe in some ruins.

3-dog meat cans

On a bookshelf in the Proctor Quinlan’s quarter.

3-cans (probable but not compulsory)

You can find it when searching for the detective tapes in the Fens Street Sewer.

Three more cans

Two of them can be on the gift shop’s shelves, and the last one may be hidden.

You can find the listed cans without killing a creature or while exploring an area; you may buy meat bags from vendors. However, you won’t have any shortage of food for your unlocked dogs in the entire game; you shouldn’t miss a single opportunity.

Some Important FAQ about Fallout-4

  • Can You Provide Dogmeat with Food?
  • Dogmeat is a creature, and you can choose him as your companion for further gameplay; therefore, you can feed him. However, it’s like a teddy bear; so, you can treat him with various food items.

  • Are Food Cans the Only Necessary Items for Dogs in Fallout-4?
  • Canned foods are not always necessary; you can choose some other methods to heal your tired and show compassion. However, you can buy or get armors to protect them and prepare them to fight for you.


    The game Fallout is one of the famous stimulating and survival game; you must try playing, and I’m sure that you will love this game. Cats, dogs, and other companions are essential for you; only rescuing them is not enough.

    You have to gather and buy things for them besides fulfilling your needs; Fallout-4 canned dog food is the necessary item besides others. Please consider each mission an adventure, and enjoy it until the end; it may be finding cans!

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