Feeding Your Cat, the Right Way: What Should You Do?

One of the most complicated things to do is to learn how to feed your cat. This is because cats will require a specific intake of both wet and dry food to maintain a good nutrition system. Failure to observe the right tips, cats may develop certain health complications, including obesity.

As such, anyone who intends to keep a cat as a pet should take their time to learn the best feeding plans for the cat. To start you off, I have decided to give you some smart tips on feeding your cat some wet and dry foods.

How Much Wet And Dry Food Should I Feed My Cat?

Before we get into that, it is crucial that you, first of all, learn how to feed your cat. Learning the right feeding plans for a cat will help you in determining the amount of wet and dry foods that you should administer. As such, I would love to give you some tips on how to feed your cat.

Establish the Best Regular Feeding Timeline

Don’t just feed your cat. Have a timeline that you set for your cat to feed. This is because the cat, when monitored, will grow better, healthier, and with enough weight to support their growth. So before the cat hits six months old, you should develop the best feeding timeline.

Feeding your cat three times a day is the best feeding routine that you can go with. As such, it is very much acceptable to also place the cat’s day's food ration out for your cat to go with all through the day. This will enhance their growth.

Once your kittens hit six months in age, the cats should feed two times a day. This should run for up to one year. As they hit adulthood and go beyond feeding your cats once a day will be the best thing to do.

NOTE: Designing the best feeding routine is important. It impacts discipline in your cat and prevents any unnecessary weight gains and other fatal problems. Even so, if your cat is in good shape, there is no harm if you fed them once a day.

Balanced Diet is Vital

There is no lie that cats are carnivores. As such, they need meat to fit in and for perfect health. This is very important as it ensures that your pet friend will receive the two most essential proteins (the amino acids taurine and the amino acids arginine).

These two amino acids from the most crucial building blocks of the cat’s healthy body. So how much wet and dry food should I feed my cat? If you are battling with this question, here is the perfect answer. The cat should, therefore, be given 30 to 45 per-cent of this vital protein and also 10 to 30 per-cent of fat from a dry matter.

Watch for Obesity-Free Foods

Placing food on the easy path for your cats to graze on is acceptable feeding methods. However, this method comes in with one danger; if your cat ends up overeating, you will be looking at possible obesity.

Obesity in cats is very dangerous and will come with many other unwanted health complications. If you own many cats can also lead to malnutrition for other cats as some of the cats may be underfed.

This is not good, and that’s why you should keep an eye out for obesity free foods. This is especially important if you want your cats to graze the whole day. Feline obesity, as I mentioned, is dangerous and will lead to the following health complications.

  • Lameness
  • Diabetes in cats
  • Joint and muscle disease
  • Skin problems
  • Early death in ages 6 to 12 years
  • Rationing the cat's daily food will help to curb obesity and also leave your cat in good shape. You can give them half their daily amounts and wait until the following day to feed them again.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To give you a better understanding of how cats feed, here are some of the questions that most people ask. They are simple but vital if you are keeping cats at home.

    How often can I feed my cat?

    Healthy cats can feed once a day. However, cats that are below six months can be allowed to graze. This will help them to grow faster.

    How much-wet food should I feed my cats?

    One cup of dry cat’s food contains about 300 calories. The 6 ounces can of the cat’s wet food contain 250 calories. As such a cat that weighs about 8 pounds will be best with less than 6 ounce can. You can ask the vet to help.

    How frequently should I feed wet food to my cat wet food?

    While dry food matter is very convenient, giving your wet food is even. Wet food is best for kittens and will provide them with easy time. It is therefore crucial that you keep you under six months kittens on a wet food diet for as much as you can. At ten weeks, though, you can start introducing them to dry foods.


    So how much wet and dry food should I feed my cat? With the feeding tips above, your answer to this question is done with. What is most important is that you observe the right feeding tips first. Then when you are done with this, the next thing that you can do is to understand your cat.

    Make sure that you know your cat’s health needs, feeding needs, and workout abilities. These three, when properly combined, should enable you to have a good relationship with your cat. It should also enable you to design the best feeding programs for your cat. It is that simple even for a new cat owner.

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