8 Hill’s C/D Dog Food Alternative That Had Gone Way Too Far.

Ever thought why do so many people look for Hill’s c/d dog food alternative? This brand has been successfully serving nutritious food for pets. Still, the Internet is full of queries regarding foods replaceable to the Hill’s diet.

In one of these online forums, someone shared her experience. The person had served her pup the Hill’s urinary food for months. However, the user later tried to change the brand desperately. She finally changed water supply and relied more on an organic diet to substitute Hill’s food.

Many vets prescribe this brand for pets sick with infections and stones. So what are the possible reasons for this disinclination towards such a useful diet? That’s what we are about to find here in this content!

Hill’s Pet Food brief history

This company started its journey in the late 1930s. TIt all started with a sick German Shepherd. The dog was suffering from kidney disease. Its concerned blind owner was looking for a healthy supplement for the pet.

He then asked his friend, Dr. Morris, to help cure the dog. The doctor, along with his wife, then worked to develop a prescription diet dog food. Together they set Raritan Ration B. This formula treats a dog with kidney issues and other insufficiencies.

Eventually, Mr. Morris initiated a partnership with Hill packing company. Together they developed Hill’s pet nutrition product line. By 1968, this brand introduced many nutritious foods, also known as prescribed diets.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin Recipes

BrandHill's Science Diet
Target SpeciesDog
Item FormDry
Breed RecommendationAll Breed Sizes

Product Line

At present more than 50 urinary foods are available for dogs with special needs. Hill’s product lines include:

Prescription diet

This diet offers scientifically developed nutrition for dogs with several illnesses. Vets suggest this category for dogs with particular health issues or special needs. This diet can mainly be helpful for the following conditions:

Urinary Health: Hill’s C/D Multicare ensures better health for pups with stones or crystals going with their urine.

Weight Management: An oversized pet can get into a healthy shape with Hill’s Metabolic Diet. This nutritional diet activates metabolism with tasty foods.

Kidney Support: Hill’s k/d diet provides a perfect balance of fluids and minerals. As a result, pets with kidney conditions get lifelong care with proper nutrition.

Digestive Care: I/D formula can help resolve digestive issues.

Allergy Care: z/d and d/d diets work great on allergic issues.

These diets are also helpful for liver or diabetes issues.

Science Diet

It meets every nutritional need a pet can have throughout its life-cycle. Nutrients are managed based on their biological needs.

Healthy Advantage:

Five essential vitamins help the dog grow healthier.

Bioactive recipe:

These recipes use the best combination of foods your dog needs. As a result, its body will absorb as many nutrients as possible.

Why look for the alternates?

Hill’s prescribed diet is still the vet’s first choice. This company has long term research on pet foods.

You can find all the specialized machines in their labs. It has also achieved the number 1 certification from the experts.

The brand offers a unique dietary supplement to ill pets. For example, the c/d dog food diet focuses on urinary illness. It can help cure animals with crystals and stone diseases.

Still, some owners can’t trust this diet. Many people look for Hill’s c/d dog food alternative. They search for substitutes over the Internet. These owners even request their vets to suggest a different diet.

People looking for alternates shared their concerns via social media. The ingredients used in this formula mainly bother them.

This urinary diet offers low protein dog food. It contains little meat and byproducts ( liver, kidney, other leftovers of animals). The significant share contains corn starch and rice fat.

This combination of nutrients confuses many pet-owners. They get scared, thinking their special pet isn’t getting enough nourishment. Some pets take time in adjusting the diet. This situation also scares their owners.

The confused owners thus try to switch the brands. Vets still suggest this particular brand for its food value. They consider this high fiber dog food the suitable one for sick pets.

However, the owners prefer a more healthy diet for their pups. Thus, they want a diet containing rich protein. Also, some look for organic or homemade solutions.

They feel that their pet requires more to live healthily. As a result, owners quickly deny this prescribed diet.

Other perspectives

Those discussion topics deliver some different opinions too. Few respondents shared the medical benefits of byproducts. They also outlined the depth of research by the brand.

According to this chunk, sick pets need a unique dietary combination. This urinary food contains nutrients that ensure better health.

Many owners came up sharing their own experiences. Their dogs released stones and crystals with urine. Some pets had to go through surgery as well.

Vets suggested owners of these pups serve the c/d diet. Those dogs didn’t face any further complications. They lived a healthy life with proper growth.

Some alternatives:

This mixed reaction creates room for alternatives to this diet. Those include as follow:

  • NomNom pet food: It gives you the scope to customize food.
  • Taste of the wild pacific stream: It offers a natural recipe.
  • The honest kitchen: Offers human diet’s ingredients.
  • American Journey: Delivers omega-3 and six fatty acids.
  • Nature’s variety: Presents a tasty and healthy formula for dogs.
  • FirstMate formula: Uses healthy lambs as a protein source.
  • Blue Buffalo: Brings canned food with sodium and magnesium.
  • Zesty Paws: Uses cranberry to control infection.
  • Also, some dedicated owners prepare homemade dog foods. They combine high protein resources useful for pets. With these items, owners make good homemade recipes.


    Dogs are very precious to their masters. Every pet’s health issue bothers the owners a lot. They want to ensure the best supplement for their pup.

    This is the ultimate reason they thoroughly check everything. Even the best diet brand can confuse them. Thus, they look for Hill’s c/d dog food alternative.

    According to vets, the formula works perfectly. But the ingredients puzzle the owners. They don’t want to risk their friend’s health at all. Thus, they always opt for a better and healthy food supply.

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