How Long Does Dry Cat Food Last

Do you have any clue about why your furry friend gets sick frequently? The quality of the food is one of the main issues of a cat's health. Often we give them expired meal sun consciously.

Generally, dry cat food doesn't look spoiled years after years. We tend to store this item in a large amount. I was not different from them and became greedy to see the sale few years ago.

A pet shop near my house was giving a discount on dry cat food. I bought two large packets from there at a reduced price. My cat and I were both happy to get this thing at a low price. But after a few months, it was refusing to eat that food. I understood that after storing this item for a long time, it had lost its taste value.

How long does dry cat food last? We often become confused about the answer. Antioxidants and preservatives keep the dry food fresh for six months. But sometimes, it becomes unusable before the expiry date. You will know the reasons in this article. Besides, you will have some tips about storing dry cat food.

Why does your cat's dry food become useless before expiry dates?

Your cat's favorite meal may become unsafe sometimes before the date expires. You have to be aware of the following matters before feeding your cat. These are important for maintaining your pet's health.

1. Contamination

How long does dry cat food last? The answer is not always the given expiry date. Contamination can make the food rejected. There is a considerable possibility of contamination if the packaging is weak. The food becomes oxidized when it comes to getting in touch with the air.

The item will get affected by moisture, insects, or bacteria if the packet has a hole. These invasive happenings increase with time. It may get worse in biodegradable covering.

You will see discoloration if the food gets contaminated. Sometimes you will get odd smells too. Check repeatedly before feeding your cat. Remember, your pet's health is the primary concern.

2. Wrong storage environment

The quality of food will degrade very soon if you store it in the wrong area. Don't keep the packet indirect sun. Place it under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the case of canned food, keep the temperature range between 50 and100.

If you keep the food over 120 degrees Fahrenheit and if it stays this way for over 48hours, it will be damaged in a few days. The vitamins in the food will bed e graded. High temperature also creates rancid from oxidation.

We leave the dry food out in the bowl hours after hours. We think, our cat will eat whenever it wishes. It is a very wrong idea. We don't know how long does dry cat food last in a bowl. Don't keep the food out for more than 48 hours. The oil in the kibble will get oxidized. The food will be hard and dry.

Go for an automatic cat feeder if you don't have much time. It will feed your cat at specific times of the day when you program it.

Pets love to play out side. They spend a lot of time in places like garages. We often keep their food there. Outdoors and garages are not safe for kibble because of uncontrolled environments.

Tips for keeping cat's dry food fresh and long-lasting

Sometimes one or two simple life hacks can bring out great solutions. Pet owners often waste a large amount of cat's food for not knowing some simple tips. For your convenience, this article comes with some of those tips.

1. Buy less

Don't get distracted by the discount that the pet shops give on cat's dry food. It will tempt you to buy more things. You may ask, what's the problem with storing it more? Does dry cat food go bad?

You won't see any change in the item even after years. Unlike this first time, it won't taste good. Your pet won't enjoy its meal. Besides, the food will lack the value of nutrition.

Buy small packets. Let your cat have the actual taste of its meal.

2. Keep the original packet

A high-quality food bag has the materials to keep the food fresh and long-lasting. It protects the item from humidity and oxygen. If you want to store the kibble in a container, put it with the entire packet.

You will also have the information of cat food's barcode, expiration date, and batch code in the original package. You can use those codes for further clarification.

Take the air out of the packet after using it. Fold the top of the pack and apply a clip.

3. Maintain proper storage

I need to know how to store dry cat food in a proper container. If you throw away the original packet, keep the food in an airtight jar.

A glass container is ideal for keeping the food fresh. It has screw-on tops or clamped tops to make sure that air can't enter the pot. In a glass jar, you can see the contents from the outside. You will find your pet's food very quickly.

In a storage , don't mix the old with new cat food. If your old item is contaminated, it will affect the fresh one.


Dry food is every cat's favorite meal. Cat owners also find this item readily available. A proper guideline to check how long does dry cat food last and how a food will remain fresh is essential for a cat's health.

Before feeding your cat, repeatedly check the expiry dates. You will see a "Best Before Date." Besides the expiry date, the freshness and longevity depend on how you store it.

Your cat may suffer from pest contamination, food poisoning, and an upset stomach because of storing food in a wrong way. Don't let improper storage of their meals worsen your cat's health and well-being.

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