How To Clean Crystal Cat Litter | Best 4 Tips You Should Know

If you love cats, then you know how much supervision they may need at times. I remember this very well. Thanks to my first cat. One of the areas that cats will need close monitoring and training is on how to use the litter box.

While you will have to train your cat to use the litter box, today, I won’t teach you how to prepare them for the litter. Instead, I will give you a whole new topic. I will show you how to clean crystal cat litter.

This is post is, therefore, very helpful to any new cat owner.  Even so, I want to use to start by understanding the following important tips as well.

How to Use the Crystal cat litter

Before we get into cleaning your crystal cat litter, I want us to understand what we are dealing with.

Crystal cat litter is forged from silica gel. This is a highly absorbent material that efficiently traps moisture and also litters odors. Unlike the regular types of litter, crystal litters won’t clump. As such, anyone who is using a crystal litter should always change the entire pan of their cat litter frequently.

If you take up regular changing of litter, stirring, and also the removal of the cat’s solid waste from your crystal litter, you will have a clean and odor-free environment. That’s how much a crystal litter is vital for the needs of your cat.

Tip#1: Understand the Right Quantity

For proper use of a crystal litter, you need to understand how much you need to prevent the pooling of urine.

Cat urine often pool at the bottom of your cat’s litter box, setting the crystal litter at about 2 inches inside the litter box, will, therefore, help you so much. It will easily catch the cat’s urine and in doing so, prevent any pooling of urine or unwanted odors.

Tip#2: Maximize on Digging Cats

However, if you have a cat that digs into the litter box much more frequently, going with something that’s higher than just 2 inches will be super cool. It will minimize the damage to the litter setup and also prevent the cat’s urine from actually getting to the floor of the litter box once again in case the cat digs.

Tip#3: Learn How to Clean the Litter

This is where you learn how to clean crystal cat litter. The silica gel particles that are used to make crystal litter will contain some sponge-like pores. This sponge-like pores will absorb the urine of the cat. After doing that it will then release the cat’s urine in moisture form to the surrounding environment. This will only minimize the odor.

However, if you have wet crystals, the chances are that they won't absorb the urine of your cat. Eventually, the box odors will get powerful and uncomfortable. So to prevent this from happening, you should thoroughly stir your cat’s litter every single day. If you do this, it will encourage the urine’s moisture to evaporate and leave your crystals quickly.

For the solid wastes, the silica gel from which the crystals are made will absorb the liquid and dry up feces. In addition to that, they will also absorb the odor from the feces. However, the solid waste will be left in the litter box.

The feces that are left behind if left to accumulate will easily get smelly. Make sure to scoop out the cat’s solid waste on a daily so as to prevent the odors.

Tip#4: Maximize the Ventilation

It would help if you should also keep the crystal litter box in an area that’s dry and with very freer ventilations. The excellent ventilation will easily encourage these crystals to maintain a dry state as frequently as possible even between the most demanding uses.

NOTE: If the cat goes for a little running tummy, then the job will get bigger. You will have to monitor the litter box more and to remove more silicone gel crystals than you always do when you scoop the solid wastes out. Add more silicone gel crystal if needed when the cat has a running tummy.

Benefits of the Crystal Litter

To sum up your crystal litter cleaning tips, here are some vital tips in the simplest possible way. They will make your work easy and fast.

  • The crystal litter absorbs much liquid,
  • The crystal litters also result in less-frequent changes for the litter box
  • Smells are controlled, and so is the pooling urine through timely absorption.
  • The litter box will remain dust-free and as such, much more hygienic.
  • They minimize the formation of mold and harboring of bacteria.
  • Crystal litter saves time and money since less crystal is used.

NOTE: The crystal litter comes in smaller bags too. This is very important as cat owners can decide what’s ideal for them. They can start with smaller bags and improve as time goes by.


If you are looking at how to clean crystal cat litter, I believe that this post has been of help. You can now clean your cat’s litter without any hassle. The most important thing is to learn how to work with the litter when in different shapes.

Apart from that, the other tips are regular litter tips. With proper dedication, you should be up in no time. Your cat will also enjoy a cool and cozy home. This is very important in making cats feel at home and loved.

In case you are looking for a way to give your cat a better place to stay, I suggest that you learn how to clean crystal cat litter, and here is the best tip. Always change the crystals regularly to prevent the cat’s litter from getting saturated and eventually smelly.

This is because when the crystals get saturated, they will no longer absorb these liquids or the odor.

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