How To Make a Cat Window Perch

Best Tips For How To Make A Cat Window Perch

I know that cats are very sociable animals and that’s why they make the best pets. They are docile and will hardly attack anyone unless provoked. More importantly, cats are clean and with proper training will hardly litter you home.

So how do you make a cat comfortable in your home? My suggestion is to make them a window perch. But do cats perch?

Yes. Cats perch. Cats love to climb around the window seals and stare all day outside the window. I guess this is their favorite part-time activity. This is what is called perching. Even so, without a proper place to stand as the gaze, this can be a tough call.

While perching of cats is attributed to instincts, getting the right perching place is left for the keeper. To give your cat the perfect place to perch, here is a simple guide on how to make a cat window perch. But first, here is the thing.

What is a Cat Perch?

A cat’s window perch is simply a platform on which your cat can latch and gaze out through the open or closed window pane. The platform is attached to your window so that the cat can easily climb on it without sustaining any injury. Cat perches should provide a safe but elevated place that the cats can sit or nap on.

Making a Cat Window Perch

Here is the most straightforward step by step guide on how to make a cat window perch. You can easily do it yourself too.

First, remove the current window stool. You should use a prying bar to remove the stool. Make sure that you are extremely careful so that you don’t damage any surrounding surfaces since they will come in handy in giving you a sturdy hold.

Next, cut some solid wooden board to the size of the width of the shelf and to the exact length of the previous window stool.

Once you have a cut piece, hold the board up the window and note those exact endpoints using a pencil or a marker. Ensure that the window jambs on every end of the cut board.

Now take the measurement of the exact distance that you will need in order to notch your perching shelf in the right place. If you do this, it will allow your perching shelf to fit against the gazing window seamlessly.

The next thing is to mark the distance on your shelf board. Drawing lines on your shelf board at this point will be very important. Use a T-square to easily outline the exact point of the perching shelf’s notch.

When making the notch, ensure that you make a jigsaw notch. Notches will come on every end of the designed shelf board. It allows the board to fit around the jambs of your cat’s perching window comfortably.

At this point, the shelf board is ready. It would help if you should now slide in place the shelf board on the main windowsill. Follow the action by securing this shelf board to your windowsill using nails or screws. The nail heads should be set slightly below the main window surface.

NOTE: Putting some putty over the central nail holes and then applying some caulk around the open joints will help you give it a cool finish. In addition to that, if you want to prime and paint your cat’sperch, you can do that with your favorite color or a color that blends in well with your interior décor.

Personally, I would put some soft material on the final resting place for a non-slip touch. A carpet or a bath mat would make such a great addition. It will also make your cat have a comfortable, perching place.

Considerations When Making a Cat’s Perch

Apart from what we have seen, there are various considerations that you must make when making your cat’s perch. Here are some of them.

Home Décor

Look for something that blends in well with your interior décor. You don’t want your home to look shaggy or the perching set up to look out of place.

Size of Cat Perch

A good perch size is one that allows your cat to grow with it. This is especially true if you are making a perching place for a cat that you have just got.

Enough Space

Spacious touch enables comfort. Your cat can easily move around. They can also change their sitting position to suit their needs and even their moods.


Finally, adding a soft rag makes the perching place cozy. Your cat can use it anytime that they need. They will not find it irritating in any form of way.

Why do cats perch?

The reasons why cats perch are attributed to instincts. It is argued that cat ancestors perched as a way of maintaining safety in the jungle before cats were domesticated. It is for these same reasons that most animals in the cat family, including cheetah and leopard still perch.

Nonetheless, the fact that your cat lives at home, unlike its wildcat ancestors, these instincts still remain strong, and that’s why domesticated cat pets still perch.

How does the cat window perch work?

Most of the cat window perches will work by using providing strongly elevated resting planes or suction cups. These setups are secured to the platform of the cat’s perch and on to your window. You can then make them cozy using a small soft rug and allow your cat to jump in whenever they want to.


Now that you have learned how to make a cat window perch, you realize how simple the process is. You can then give your cat the perfect gift for their next birthday. Make sure that the perch blends in with your home décor.

This will give it a stylish touch that makes the cat a part of the family. Perches are natural to make, and with simple tips, you can get some cool results too.






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