How to Put on A Dog Harness (7 Step Guide) Updated 2021

So, you finally got that little pup that you have always wanted? Well, that’s cool. The next big step is to make your house a home for the pup. Even so, this man’s best canine pal is yet to have everything that they need.

How to Put on A Dog Harness


To give you pup the best treat, you’ll be forced to make them as close as possible. Choosing to teach your dog to use harness will be the ultimate thing. In this post, I intend to teach you how to put on a dog harness.

.With the harness on, the two of you can have some personal time. You can go for walks, explore the neighborhood, and keep your dog on the leash. This is how to smart using a dog harness really is.

If you are looking at putting your dog in a harness, take a look at my next smart guide for the newbies.

Simple Guide on How to Put on A Dog Harness

The most basic thing if you want to put your dog in a harness is to understand the need for patience. Once you know this, you will find out that following these steps to train your dog will be quite enjoyable.

Step I: Purchase the Right Harness

The first thing that you must-do if you want to train your dog on how to wear a harness is to purchase the right type of harness. Once you have the right type of harness, you’ll be ready to take your dog through the learning process.

There are four types of dog harnesses, namely:

  • Standard Dog Harness
  • Front Clip Dog Harness
  • Step-In Dog Harness
  • Overhead Harness

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Step II: Unpack your Dog’s Harness

Now that the harness is purchased, once you arrive home, you may want to take the harness out of its package and set it around your dog’s playing area. You can also set in on the floor where your dog can find it. The reason behind this is to enable the dog tosniff it out and to explore it more until they get familiar with it.

Step III: Allow the Dog to Have Sometime

The previous step may take a while. Even so, once the dog is finally comfortable around the harness, you’ll want to allow them to have the harness around them for quite some time. However, if you find out that your dog isn’t getting comfy around the harness, you can try some of these tricks.

  • Throw treats around the harness.
  • Get the harness on top of the dog’s sleeping house.
  • Play with your dog using the harness as the toy.

NOTE: Different dogs havedifferent reactions from time to new stuff. Don’t rush your dog. Instead, you should ensure that your dog gets comfy before you can get to this next step.

Step IV: Introduce the Harness on the Dog

Once yourealize that your dog isn’t bothered at the smallest attempt to bring the harness around then, you can try to introduce them to the harness. If you are having an overhead harness, you should lure your dog with her head first through the harness hole.

With the step-in type of harness, the harness should be set on a flat surface, and the dog lured to walk over the harness. Now take your time to repeat the process over and over again until you are sure that the dog has learnt the concept.

Step V: Secure the Harness Clips

After several attempts of introducing your dog to the harness, you’ll have to close the clips finally.The first time I closed the clips to my Labrador, I had repeated the introduction for close to 20 times.

To clip up the harness on your dog, make sure that the dog stands comfortably on the step-in harness and fix the first part of the harness as fast as you can before quickly removing it once again.

The reason for doing this is to watch your dog’s reaction. If the dog doesn’t flinch and is simply comfortable, you can go ahead and fit in the harness.

However, since it is the first time that you are fitting the harness, you should ensure that you keep a little loose for several attempts until your dog becomes comfortable. You can also repeat this process severally.

If your dog does well, you should give her some treats so that they have the best experience, too, with the training.

Step VI: Allow the Dog to Walk in Harness

Once your dog is comfy with the fit, you should allow your dog to wear the harness around the house. If you finally notice that they have accepted it as part of their livelihood, you can introduce the leash and plan a convenient routine for both of you.

Step VII: Get the Perfect Hold

Now that your dog is in their harness, find the most comfortable length of the leash for you and your dog. You can learn how to hold the leash and take your dog for a walk. That’s the reason why many dogs love the harness – some good time with their caregivers.


Putting your dog in a harness is no rocket science. As opposed to what may new dog owners may think, the process is actually simple once you get to learn how to put on a dog harness. You will easily bond with your dog and have more time together.

In case your dog is taking longer than expected to learn, just remain patient with them. Some dogs, just like humans, may take longer than others. In short, we have quick learners and slow learners too.

For those who are just getting their first dog, it is important to get an experienced hand to help. Remember that a problem shared is a problem half solved. So, don’t wait any longer, get your dog in the harness using these tricks and hit the road,

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