Possum eating cat food

Possums are tiny animals that eat insects, birds, dead animals, and rodents. Along with these, they also feed on grains, fruits, eggs, plants, frogs. It has also seen that; their menu often consists of cat and dog foods.

Once my friend had a pet possum, I remember who ate cat food from the next door. So my friend was distraught and consulted a vet. She asked them, will her possum die because of eating cat food?

Then they assured that possum eating cat food would not be harmful to them. Possums require a high amount of calcium; that’s why they eat roadkill animals and other rotten remains to fulfill their need.

If you want to know more about possums, then let’s dive in.

What food should not be served to possums?

Possum eating cat food hates food like mustard, lactose-based sugar, onion, garlic, milk, hot pepper and sauce, cooked chicken liver, etc. These are some of the foods which possums hate and also is bad for them.

When they hate the taste of such foods, the smell automatically repels them. If possums do not like the food, they don’t have it either. After knowing their most disliked food item, you may ask, ‘what is possum’s favorite food?’

They are omnivorous animals and survive by eating various types of food, especially snails, slugs, frogs, worms, insects, birds, and rodents. Possums are generally very picky eaters. Apples and fishes are the best bait for them.

Now, you know well what food they like and whatnot.

The ways to keep possums away from cat food:

Possums usually steal and eat cat food if kept outside the house. They are a great survivor and adaptable. So, if they invade the food, shelter, and water in the neighborhood, these possums will stay as long as these are available.

Some ways to get rid of possums and keep them away from cat food are:

  • Keep cinnamon sticks in the cat food bowl while serving.
  • Place the food bowl somewhere out of possums reach as cats are good climbers.
  • Crush or mince garlic in the places they often try to enter.
  • Use repellent in your trash cans to prevent possums from entering your house and stealing the cat food.
  • Spread strong smells like naphthalene to get rid of them.

These are some of the tricks to keep the possums away from your cat foods. If you are very annoyed by them, then use these hacks and get them off your house.

The dangerous side of possums:

Possums carry different types of potential diseases which are harmful to both animals and human beings. They can spread tuberculosis, spotted fever, leptospirosis, relapsing fever, coccidiosis, tularemia, Chagas, toxoplasmosis, and some more.

These diseases are very harmful. If a cat and a possum get into a fight and scratch or injure each other, the infection can spread. Apart from cats, any other wildlife can be affected in a way. It can also be transmitted via feces, urine, or any other liquid and affect humans along with other mammals.

To be safe, keep your pets vaccinated against such diseases and immediately clean their feces or urine wearing gloves. So, keep your environment disinfected and stay safe.

The new tactic of Possum: Playing dead

It is a technique using which possums try to escape when threatened by a dog, owl, fox, or other animals. At that time, they pretend to be dead or injured in front of them. When it’s been caught or attacked, they lie on the ground closing their eyes or staring off into spaces and appear to stop breathing. The body goes hobble, the tongue sticks out, and drools.

They will not even respond if poked and appears to be dead in all indications. Wildlife usually does not chase the dead prey, so this defense mechanism allows possums to escape. But scientists say that feigning death or playing death is not an act but an involuntary reaction or immobility against the threat.

They intentionally not do it, but it naturally happens when any unavoidable danger appears to them. Possums stay in that position for about 40 mins to 4 hours. But it is simply an excellent way to protect themselves from hazards. Possums don’t even blink their eyes and do not respond even if the predator harms or breaks its bones.

So, you can call it playing dead, feigning death, playing possums, or faints in shock of confrontation.

Frequently asked questions:

1.What will attract a possum to your house?

Answer: Odorous or overflowing trash cans, moist areas, drainage sewer, uncovered compost heaps, and other containers kept outside of the house attracts possums.

2. Can a possum kill a cat?

Answer: Possums do not kill or prey on cats and other large animals, but they attack them if competing with food or cornered.

3. What makes a possum leave your place fast?

Answer: Possums do not like ammonia as it smells horrible, so it is a good way to keep them away from your house and garden by using it.

4. Do possums steal things from your house?

Answer: They do not steal things other than food. Possums might steal human food along with the food meant for your pet.

5. Why possum’s tail is impressive?

Answer: Possums have a very long tail which allows them to wrap, grasp and carry things. They can also hang using their tail for a short period.


As you have read the above discussion, so now you know how to stop possum eating cat food. They usually do not harm people except for stealing food. But it is better to keep these unwanted animals away from your home by using these hacks.

Once the possums get proper food and shelter in your house, they will continue to visit and make your food or the pet food infected. So, it is essential to block all the entryways for possums, maintain sanity at your home, and eliminate food sources.

Possums may not harm you, but they are not clean animals as they live near sewages, drainage, or in the hump of nasty thrown-out things. So, keep your house secure from the possum.

I hope all the provided information will help you to deal with the possums around your house.






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