Explore the Taste of Dog Food: How Does It Feel ?

Are you like me thinking, what does dog food taste like? Well, some brands of dog food are advertised as a human-grade product too, which makes you think can we eat it.

Once I decided to taste dog food and told that to one of my dear friends. The reaction he gave made me drop the whole idea of eating and finding out the taste of the food my dog eats.

What does Dog Food Taste Like

This thing also led me to ask that do my dogs like what they are eating? Well, what might taste good to them is not necessary that it will be good to us. We have to remember that dogs are both omnivorous and also carnivorous, which allows their stomach to digest certain things that we cannot.

Types of Dog Food in the Market

When you are in the pet shop buying food for your dog, you can see mostly two options. One is dry dog food, and another is wet canine food.

These two types are manufactured and distributed under many different brands. Some brands have canned dog food, and some products get manufactured in other packaging; moreover, canned dog food is known to be very tasty and has a certain aroma.

However, some premium dog food manufacturers have human tasters, but the taste results are not published publicly. This might answer the question on your mind right now, which is, can humans eat dog food.

These premium food manufacturers go by a code that does the food has to appeal to the owners and the dogs.

Dogs Taste Buds Sensation

Canines have 1700 taste buds on their tongue, where humans have 9000 taste buds. So, humans can taste more of food than dogs can. In that case, trying to sell food called dog food for humans and attracting dog lovers to try is not a good idea.

Dog’s taste buds are simple, and the receptors can only taste sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Here comes up another question, can dogs taste spicy food? The answer is no. Their taste buds do not have the receptor for sensing spicy food.

However, a dog’s main diet is based on meat consumptions. Canines are not strictly omnivorous so, they can taste fats, meat, and other chemical-related to meat on their tongue.

Dogs depend more on their nose than their taste buds. They smell the object, and if it feels like anything they can consume, they will eat it. That’s why the aroma of dog food is so prominent.

What is Dog Food Made from ?

There are so many combinations of dog foods for different ages of canines. Some dogs love crunchy and dry food and some like the canned slimy ones.

Well, it does not matter that much what the dog likes than what’s inside the pre-packaged product that you are feeding to your loved dogs.

Most dog food ingredients depend on manufacturers. Some make chicken-based puppy food, and some make the canned slimy wet product for more old aged dogs. No matter what it is, it mostly contains meat-based ingredients.

Now you may be thinking, what does dog food taste likeDoes it taste like chicken? Well, not exactly. They are made from meat-based products and chemicals.

So, it does not necessarily taste like raw meat, but it gives the aroma of meat, and the dogs can taste the meat inside where human taste buds sense other chemicals.

Top Manufacturers for Dog Food

The Pet food industry is one of the largest industries operating around the globe in almost every country.

There are so many manufacturers producing top of the pet food and increasing their net worth to the billions of dollars; moreover, this industry is growing.

This industry is ruled by mostly western European and North American countries, but others started to make a name for themselves.

Top 10 Manufacturers for dog food –

  • Mars petcare Inc.
  • Nestle Purina petcare Inc.
  • Hill’s pet nutrition
  • J.M. Smucker
  • Diamond pet foods
  • Blue buffalo
  • Spectrum brands / united pet group
  • Ainsworth pet nutrition
  • Richard corp.
  • Deuter

These are 10 of the leading manufacturers in the dog food industry. These companies have around for many years, some for generations.

How Long Does Dog Food Last

Pet foods, like all other food, do go bad if not stored correctly, and some dog food has a more extended shelf life than others.

Canned tends to last longer than dry canine foods. Unopened canned dog food can last up to 2 years if stored properly from the day it was manufactured.

However, Dry pet foods have a lesser shelf life than canned food. Dry food unopened can last for 12 months to 18 months on your kitchen shelf.

What does Dog Food Taste to humans?

Dog food is made from mostly meat-based products and chemicals. This gives the dogs a sensation that they are chewing raw meats.

Dog’s taste buds are not as developed as human taste buds. Dogs do not taste the extra chemicals and other ingredients that are in the food, but humans have more prominent taste buds, and the receptors can pick up every bit of almost everything in that food.

However, some well - known manufacturers do have human tasters for dog food. They taste and smell if the food is good enough, and also does it appeal to the owners.


The taste of the canine foods may not be your cup of tea, but it does taste good to your dogs; moreover, it’s healthy for them.

So, instead of trying to find out what does dog food taste like, see if your beloved dogs like what they are eating. If they like what they are consuming and it keeps them healthy, then that’s all.

It does not matter how naughty our dogs are; we do love them a lot, and if the food they are eating keeps them healthy, then who are we to complain about the taste. Take care of the animals around your home rather than trying to find out what’s inside their food. 

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