What is Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl | Smart Tips You Should Know

What is the best slow feed dog bowl? I have been asked this question so many times. Good enough, my answer is always very simple. The best slow feed dog bowl will depend on your dog’s feeding needs, and if you’ve met all the necessary considerations of buying.

Today, I am going to take you through some of the smartest tips about slow feed dog bowls and let me start by saying this.  Having the best slow feed bowl, sometimes referred to as a puzzle feeder is very crucial especially if your dog is a fast eater. Why is this so? Take a look!

What is a slow feed dog bowl?

A slow feed dog bowl is a dog bowl that’s designed with the sole intention of providing just enough set of barrier that slows your pup is they insist on eating fast. Slow feed dog bowls are, therefore, ideal for pup training and discipline.

Considerations When Buying a Puzzle Feeder

To get the right puzzle feeder for your pup, there are specific vital considerations that you have to keep in mind. These considerations include the following.

The Ridge Pattern

To trim your pup’s appetite when eating, puzzle feeders feature cool ridge patterns. The ridges are designed in specific patterns such that they become very efficient. As such, you must make sure that you choose a ridge pattern that suits your needs.

The simplest slow feeders will feature single bumps that are raised in the middle of the center of the feeder. This means that your pup can only eat around the feeder. The complex ridges may include many different other patterns, including:

  • Flowery petals
  • Spirals designs
  • Concentric circles
  • Other slow feeder bowls can also assume other complicated and narrow-spaced patterns. These types of ridges ridge make it tricky for the dogs to eat. As such, they are the best and will significantly slow down your canine friend from gobbling up their meal in no time.

    NOTE: The pattern that you choose will depend on how you intend to train your dog. Complex patterns are great at bringing down the dog’s eating speed compared to the simpler patterns that come with wider spacing between the ridges. The ones that have shallower ridges are however best for the dog breeds with very short snouts.

    Size Matters

    You can also buy your slow feeder dog bowl in line with the sizes. The size range will also determine the capacities or volume of the bowl. They make it easy for you to determine what’s ideal for your dog.

    Even so, there are two types of sizes that will come into play here. They include the following sizing categories.

  • Size of the dog
  • Size of the bowl
  • If you have a small dog, you will need a smaller bowl. However, if you have a large dog breed, a broader or larger bowl will be ideal. Look for a bowl size that the dog’s snout can get in comfortably.

    You should also choose the bow whose volume will contain enough food for your dog. You don’t want to starve the dog to death but rather feed it with enough food for its normal consumption.

    You will find the best slow feeders with a list of their capacity around the manual in cups. This makes it easy for you to understand what’s ideal for the pup.  Good thing though is this. Most puzzle feeders come in two main sizes, and you can always choose as many feeders as suits your needs too.

    Please choose the right sized bowl to prevent your dog from having trouble when eating their best foods. To avoid too large or too small.

    Material of Make

    Plastic is the most common material from which slow feeders are made for the dogs. This is because plastic is easy to mold in a variety of shapes. This makes it the best material if you need to design your best feeders for the dogs and whose ridge patterns are very intricate.

    Unfortunately, plastics are also easy for the dogs to end up chewing through. This can be worse for very thin plastics. In case the dog chews in and leaves dents in the feeder, the dents can easily harbor microbes.

    You should, therefore, ensure that the slow feeder is washed properly. To avoid that, you can also buy very thick plastic feeders. Ceramic or also stainless steel materials are less porous and as such will make buildup of bacteria a non-issue. Nonetheless, you must still ensure that you clean them regularly.

    Stable Bases

    Finally, your dog’s best slow feeders should have a very stable base. This will prevent the pups from tipping over the feeders. Hard to tip bowls are ideal for larger dogs and dogs that love to play a lot.

    This also includes the impatient pooches that will try to get to their food no matter what. If the dog’s slow feeding bowl doesn’t have a stable base, I suggest looking for weighted bowls or are bowls that are naturally heavy.

    A non-slip base will be the best feeder for your dog if your dog is eating on tile, vinyl, linoleum, or even some uncarpeted surfaces.


    So what is the best slow feed dog bowl? I guess you now have the best answer to that question. Nonetheless, the best puzzle feeder is one that helps your dog to slow down when eating. It should train your dog to enjoy its food and to get the best of every bite.

    Finally, the best puzzle feeder should also meet the considerations that we have mentioned above. If the feeder does that, you will easily find out that it is ideal for your dog. Most slow feed bowls that meet these considerations will also guarantee the value for your money.

    Good luck choosing your next best slow feed dog bowl.

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